Award winning Vocalist, SongwriterSoul, RnB, Pop 
4th Album SongBird Coming Soon!                                       
Welcome!  I'm 3/4 into recording my new album SongBird. What makes this new album unique is that it is the 1st album i've ever crowdfunded!
With the help of my supporters and my own ongoing hustles, together we've raised almost $8000!! I'm currently hosting a 2nd Fundraiser to raise the rest of the money to finish and release the album.  Visit my New Cd Fundraiser tab for more info!  :)

In life my passion is empowerment, being a catalyst for positive change through personal growth and music!        
For SisterClan related inquiries, see the postcard below, visit the SisterClan FB page, or email me directly. (new SC website coming soon).                                                      
In love & light:
Fara Palmer