SongBird Album has been released


It took 3 and a half years to complete and release but SongBird has been officially released. I'd like to thank each and every person who donated either money, time, raffle prizes and support to my many online album fundraisers. Without your support this album would not have been created! 
Check out my new vids on YouTube or here on my site, have a listen to the songs. Please leave a comment if you have one or two faves on the album.

With love,




After a long delay in producer and studio access and a lengthy flu which has still not left my body :(, the album is so close to being ready to release. Just this weekend, the single Reclamation was released to radio and is currently on the Indigenous Music Countdown, Sirius Satellite and other stations across Canada. Call in to your local station to request it or have them contact me to add it to their playlists. I've got a few gigs coming up this month. Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween this year.

One love, 


July News


Hey everyone, i hope you're enjoying summer!!! I'm almost finished the new album. It took longer to finish than i had expected but i believe it's all on spirit creations timing so i'm cool with it. My studio engineer is on holidays and i was hoping to finish all the mastering and release the album by then but will have to wait to the last week in July to complete that. So i'm now anticipating an AUGUST release.

I'm working on new clothing merch, finishing editing a new music video and going into the studio next week to finish the last song!! (Unless i get sneaky and make it a 12 song album instead of a 10 one). I just finished a bunch of gigs and had a great time!

DID I TELL YOU THAT I'VE ADDED LIVE MUSIC TO MY SHOW FORMATS?? I've added an acoustic set and a full band set. I've been performing off backing tracks (like most hip hop and rap artists do) for years now and decided i wanted a change. I'm so stoked. My first shows were awesome! I shared my acoustic act at a recent SOFAR VANCOUVER show with accompaniment by flamenco guitarist Balam Santos and supporting vocals by Gillian Thomson (who is also the lead singer of SisterSays). I was on cloud nine after the show for hours and hours. If you haven't been to a SOFAR show you're really missing out. It's adventure, surprise, mystery, intimate shows and spaces and really provides the best audiences! My full band set rocked hard!! We sang at the Kanata Festival in downtown Vancouver (UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES) and had so much fun. The audience danced along and even followed me in a congo line! lol. THanks to SisterSays band and supporting vocalist Tiffany Moses for backing me up! Great energy and good times.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm getting silk screens made for my new clothing line and can't wait to share that with you all. OH and guess what??? My song SONGBIRD is making money from radio plays!! Isn't that wicked. I almost fell off my chair when i got the news about radio royalties. Then i cried. Then i did a super jiggly happy dance! :) 

Thank you to the Indigenous Music Countdown, Sirius Sattelite Radio and every single station that is bumping my music. 

Fara <3 


Just released my 2nd single!!


It took me awhile but i finally released the second single off my upcoming album! It's currently my favourite song not playing on any radio stations yet. LOL. I'll get working on that. Seriously though, i began writing NLUA (which stands for Never Liked You Anyway) a long time ago and it stuck with me all these years. I was picked on growing up and was insecure and sensitive. As an adult, i've gained confidence wisdom i only wish i had as a youth. I know words hurt, stereotypes, judgement, criticism and feeling like you're on your own all hurt and the world would be a better place both if we were each more confident about our selves and also if we stood together to protect, defend and honour one another! 

Anyways, this song is cheeky but its really a way to say that others actions don't have to cut so deep. For me, i thought about how badly i wanted my bullies to like me. Cuz obviously if they liked me, they wouldn't bully me and i'd get to fit in. I never really considered whether i even liked these people. I was just consumed with grief and felt powerless to stop it. I guess it could be considered childish to say that 'I never liked you anyway' but for me its a way of reclaiming my power, my choice, my self respect, and also taking my energy away from those who don't honour it. 

The song is reminds me of what a big kid i still am and just how awesome it is to be silly and to laugh and have fun, especially when its nerdy and people are watching!

The NLUA Lyric Video can be viewed both here on my website and via my YouTube Channel. I'd like you all to do me a solid and head over to my YouTube page and view, like and share NLUA! Pretty Please. (Insert cute cheesegrin).

Okay, i'm working on the third single. Happy February all and if you're in the Vancouver (604) area, then Happy Christmas?? LOL!! ;) 

ONe Love,

PS: If you'd like NLUA played on your local radio station, email me and i'll do my best to get the song to your local station.


December GoodyBag


I released the first single off my upcoming album Nov 16th! The single is the title track of my new album called SONGBIRD. Two days ago the Official Music Video was released on YouTube, now to get it to MUCH MUSIC. I've been hustling, music creating, studio recording, doing workshops, and still getting my 5 daughters to and from school and such. I love being a mom.

Currently, i'm working on the marketing info and video for the next single. Going to release a few singles before the full length album is available for sale in Spring 2017. Til then, i have a raffle going on. It was called FARA'S Raffles Gone Wild Fundraising Raffle but now i've changed the concept a bit and made it funner! It's now called Fara's 12 Days of Xmas Fundraising Raffle. The first prize will be drawn on Dec 10th, and then every day after there will be a draw a day until all 12 prizes are gone! So fun.

I may ask for help and ideas from the fans on a video concept or video footage for one of the singles that will be released shortly. I'll keep you posted. If you are interested, make sure to join my mailing list or simply let me know via email, FB inbox, my guestbook, or my Twitter. Please watch my new music video for SongBird and share it with your loved ones! It features a cast of incredible SongBird artists, DJ's, dancers, actors and more! 

Thanks for your love and support. 
One Love,


New 50/50 & Mini Prize Fundraising Raffle


So this will be my 4th and final fundraising raffle for my new album. I ask for your support to make it the best one ever! The album is 75% done but i still need help to complete it. Get your tickets and join me for a fun, interactive raffle experience. AND GOOOOD LUCK!




Hi there, we have a family act called SisterClan that is available for bookings. I'm in the act of creating them a website, so i'll keep you posted as to when its ready. For now, all booking enquiries can be handled through me. Send me an email. Thx 


Art, Music & Fashion Raffle Round 2!


Well tonight we had the draw! After a very problematic LIVE DRAW EVENT that was filled with technical difficulties, we finally were able to successfully host the draw. 19 prizes were drawn with a whole lot of people winning multiple times! I have to say that i REALLLY love raffles and all the interaction that transpires between myself and the people. Its inspiring and fun! I love both things.

I'd like to thank each and every sacred being who bought tickets and supported the fundraiser. Infinite blessings and gratitude <3

Okee, apart from a 50/50 Raffle, i've got no other raffles or fundraising things going on! OH WAIT, i've got a 3 song cd called RECLAMATION & SONGS available for $10 plus shipping, unless purchased as a digital download, then its $10. I created the EP to earn/create finance to assist in completing the album.

If/when i come up with other ideas, i'll be sure to share! Keep posted and i'll do my best to keep posting deets about this SongBird Album journey! 

In love, light and peace,
Fara Palmer 


Sept 2016


The SongBird album is experiencing a wee lull in the recording department. I'm still fundraising though and awaiting a few cheques in the mail. I've recorded another music video for the album for the song RECLAMATION. You can view the video teaser on my homepage. The Art, Music & Fashion Fundraising Raffle will be drawn in a LIVE YOUTUBE EVENT on SEPT 30th 6PM PST (BC CANADA TIME). There are many great prizes. For more info, visit my Fundraiser page.

I've been busy writing, getting my daughters in back to school mode, booking new gigs, songwriting, video editing and fundraising. I also recently sang as a back up singer in Dani & Lizzy's Acoustic Version of their hit song Dancing In The Sky! Not sure when the acoustic video will be released but i'd go check out their website, the 604 Records website or their YouTube page for details.

Ummmmm....i just want to give a super shout out to Hannah Leona of Hannah C Productions!! She is the videographer based out of Vancouver BC who has created videos for two songs off the upcoming SONGBIRD album. Stoked to be able to share the music, the vids and the merch with you when the album drops in 2017!! 

Ok, thats it for now. Make sure to add me on Twitter, FB and Instagram as i post on those 3 sites the most! 
One love, live well, love hard, and follow your passions! 


Free Imagine Download


For those wishing to download the version of Imagine i recently did for LG104.3's vanCover contest, simply go to my MUSIC page! 




Quick July Updates


Hey all, there's a bunch of stuff going on and i'll make time to come back and explain in detail. For now, i'll tell you that i'm still in the studio recording this new album. I'm almost out of funds, down to the last $500 bucks but i'm hustling to raise money to complete the album. I've entered a cover song contest here in Vancouver too! 1st Prize is $5000 and 2nd Prize is $1000. I did a cover of John Lennon's Imagine <3 which you can view on my FB Profile. 

My 2 Raffles are still ongoing, so get tix today. All proceeds go towards the making of my new album SongBird. As well, i hope to have more merch to offer soon. I've almost finished editing the music video that goes along with the title track of the album. I've created a video concept for another of my songs called MAYBE and am currently in talks with a Suicide Prevention producer/actress! Stoked for that.

Hmmm....what else? I recently sang back up vocals for my fave twins, Dani and Lizzy, for their acoustic version of their smash hit 'Dancing In The Sky'! The performance was actually live streamed at 604 Records and then recorded for a later video release, date TBA! So stay tuned. 

I'm performing alot with my daughters group SisterClan and we are writing songs for their first ever EP! Sigh. 

I'd like to say thank you so much to each and every one of you who've supported my career and the new album i'm creating! Thx for your funding, shares, comments, support, social media networking, well wishes and love! The songs on the album are really awesome so far! I've shared one song as an album song sneak peak. It can be heard/viewed on my main profile page here on my website. There's a widget on the right hand side. Hope you enjoy. 

K, that's it for now. One love. 
In love and light,
Fara xx


New SongBird T-Shirts


The 1st set of SongBird T-Shirts are ready to order! I'm working on more merch, including t-shirts, hoodies and more. Order your SONGBIRD Tee today! (via my Store page). 



Updates: February


Hi loved ones! All my daily updates etc are best found on my FB profile, FB music page, my Twitter or Instagram!! And lastly, here. Sorry about that! I find it super easy to add a post to FB and then to share it to my other sites. 
My Twitter does get shared here also though, so that's good! lol

Anyhow, there's a bunch of cool stuff going on. Working on updating bios for myself and SisterClan. Creating workshops for 2016. In the studio recording songs for the new album SongBird. Working on the music video for the title track <3 
Also, i've decided to offer vocal coaching to the Vancouver area! My first student/lesson is tomorrow and i'm excited. THere are upcoming performances this month and there'll be a FARA PALMER SONGBIRD FUNDRAISER PART II coming up towards mid march or beginning of April! Gotta raise the rest of the money to finish the album! 

I'm so very thankful to each and every one of you for your continued support, donations and love! Thank you :)

That's all for now. Much love and blessings to you



Day 59: Fara's SongBird Cd Fundraiser


I neglected to keep this site in the loop. I indirectly used Twitter. And almost my whole campaign updates centred on using FB, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. 
On FB, i shared daily updates, videos, posts, pics and more! Please go to my home page on this site and click my FB to scroll through and learn of the awesome journey this fundraiser really was!!

The goal was to raise money to record my next full length studio album. Monetary goal was $11,000. I wasn't supposed to fund raise during Christmas time as people save their money for holidays and presents but i bit the bullet and did it anyways. While i haven't reached the target goal, i'm amazed and so very grateful for all the generosity and community support!! Together, and all due to hard work and people shares, donations and love, we've raised almost $6000!!! 

My album is now being recorded and with the money raised, i've also hired a videographer to shoot one music video for me, gorilla vid style and am working with a few producers/artists on 3 songs. I'll go as far as the money can stretch and then hold another fundraiser! Of course, i'll continue to apply for music grants as well but so far for this album, grants are not whats working. What is working is YOU, the people! <3 

I'm loving the sound i'm creating, hearing, receiving! I've been told its a neo-soul vibe. I'm eclectic in my tastes and i'm pretty sure anyone who knows my music will know that it is reflected in my last 3 albums. 

My daughters are still performing as well. Our family act is being so very well received! I feel lucky to be able to sing, be hired to entertain and to perform and travel with my daughters! That was one of the things i was grateful to manage myself for, the ability to hand pick gigs to balance work time and family time. Now my family and i can share this career and sacred gift! Plus the kids are making money and can start putting it away for their futures! Grateful and happy :)

Ok, that's it for now. I'll post pics and vids from recording/songwriting etc sessions so you can stay on this new album journey with me! If ever you feel out of the loop when you visit my website, please head straight over to my main profile on FB or to my music page on FB. I sort of live there. :)

One love beautifuls

Keep following your hearts and work hard to make them dreams a reality!! YOU CAN DO IT!


Day 10 Fara's New Cd Fundraiser


Ok!, the fundraising efforts are going wonderfully! People are donating, sharing, getting free songs, spreading the word about my daughters group SisterClan and adding their energy and spiritual imprint on this project. I'm very grateful. xx Keep up the great work everyone, together we are mighty.

There are 3 ways to donate:

1) Join me at IndieGogo, an online fundraising site. There are lots of great perks in exchange for your contributions and more. Check it out at IGG.ME/AT/FARAGOGO

2) Share and make my Indiegogo campaign, FB site, Twitter and Instagram fundraising posts go VIRAL! That'll drive people to my sites and raise my chances of being funded and meeting my funding goal. It'll also result in new fans, new music sales and new performance bookings which could bring me into your town!! xoxoxo 

3) Keep coming back and do it all again until the campaign ends December 21st! 


FUNDING GOAL: $11,000 To record my next full length studio album
RAISED IN 10 DAYS: $2496.00 (between the indiegogo site and 2 personal fundraisers and private donations)

We are doing it! xx


50/50 CD Fundraising Raffle


I'm working to raise money to record a new cd. I have a cd fundraiser on IndieGogo ( IGG.ME/AT/INDIEGOGO ) with lots of awesome perks and i'm hosting 2 RAFFLES!! A 50/50 & an Art, Music & Fashion Raffle.

Here is the 50/50 RAFFLE poster! It Starts today, Nov 24th & ends Monday Dec 21st. Just in time to make someones Christmas and New Years extra special! 

I'm excited and ask that you please help me by sharing the heck out of this poster! You'll find it on my FB profile, Twitter, Instagram, FB music page as well. 


PS: The first 300 people to buy tickets will also receive a free download of my album when it is ready for release!

One way or another, i will work my butt off to raise the funds to get this new album into your hands! <3 


November 2015 Fara Palmer Update


Hello music lovers! Today i'm excited. Excited to be creating music, songs, and lyrics. Excited to simply love singing. I know many of you love singing and music too! Regardless of your age or background, if the music bug lives in you then feed it!! Music can be a great source of healing, growth and just pure bliss. xx

I'm nowhere nearer to releasing my album. LOL. I'm working on a plan to have it ready for release by March 2016. Please cross your fingers and toes and pray for me so this can happen. I'll be creating a cd fundraising campaign and it should be up and running by Nov. 12th.

I've written some lovely songs so far and will preview some of them via my fundraising campaign on IndieGogo November 12th, 2015. If you'd like to join my campaign, please let me know via my guestbook, email or my FB page. 

Much love you all,
Fara Palmer

PS: I invite you to visit my guestbook. If you've seen me perform or have heard my music, i'm looking for fans reviews. Thanks in advance for your love and support! ;)


November 2015 SisterClan Update


November music journey update:

My daughters group SisterCLan officially formed in June. Thanks to our FB family & friends social networking support, we've had 16 bookings so far!!  This month we'll be singing on the 12th for N'Quatqua First Nations near Pemberton, BC. And we have one booking in December too (see GIGS).

The girls are touching the hearts of our elders and youth. Many of the songs have an inspiring effect, but one stands out in particular and that is the AIM (Unity) song. I've been very honoured to witness and share in the audience reactions! As a mother, i'm very proud of the girls. My eyes fill with tears and gratitude when i see them sing. Its not just their talent and personalities which are awesome, but its the fact that they are young, they are singing cultural songs, they are singing in our language for some of the songs, and they are the proof that our culture lives on and that there is still hope for a better future. THIS is what is so very very sacred and healing! <3

Our house has always been a singing one. As a professional recording artist, my girls have watched me perform many times, both live and for television. They've absorbed this performing knowledge and it's coming in handy for their group shows. One thing the girls are all noticing is how different performing is when it's for fun and when it's a job. 


Sept 2015 update


Blessings everyone :) 

Since last i posted i've been on a great journey! One of life, family, children, music and growth. 

I was in a rush to write and record a 4th cd but i've come to accept that this ones got a time of its own and it is needed. In letting go, i've written a bunch of new songs and feel i am getting closer to the sound of songs i want for this new album.

I also had joined a womens traditional cree group called Iskwewsingers. Together, we wrote and recorded 1 cd called Ninikamawinan, in which my mother, speaking in cree, is featured on the title track. All of the sisters of Iskwewsingers travelled and performed across Canada and into Mexico and it was great!!! I love Iskwewsingers and am grateful to have been a part of this group. It is a group which seems to invite many sisters to join and i feel like it has its own spirit that does the inviting and so forth. <3 

I left Iskwewsingers in the springtime and took a breather from music, kept songwriting and hanging with my family. One day a girlfriend came over and asked me why i didn't just start a group with my daughters since they all sang and loved music like me. Its funny because i'm pretty sure that the universe was sending me hints for awhile about this, starting 4 years ago! Anyhoo, i'm slow, but i finally 'got it' and talked to my kids about creating a performing group with them. 

All my sweet girls loved the idea and SISTERCLAN was born!! For the last 4 months we've been doing professional shows in BC and are currently writing one original song for the group. We hope to have it ready to sing for a gig we have coming up in late September. SisterClan info and bio can be found on this site under the SisterClan tab.

For my own music, i've been performing here and there. I'm still songwriting and have hit a few different studios, both for recording and co-songwriting purposes. I've had a bunch of offers for studio time and creative exchanges and i'm letting spirit guide me. I'm also slowllllllly pre-recording my song ideas into garage band in the attempt to create a more 'me' musical arrangement to go along with my melodies and lyrics. 

I've been recording my vocals for others projects (which i LOVE) and may be doing something for film soon. I'll continue to plug at my new album and to promote our new act.

The girls have a couple more days of summer freedom left and then its back to school. This year my 5 year old breaks the mold and goes into kindergarden! She'll be the only daughter, except for the eldest willow, who actually attended kindergarden. The others were homeschooled. Anyhoo, all of the four younger girls will be going to school together and their big sister willow will be going to high school across the street!!! SUPER SWEET!

We've got some upcoming gigs you'll find on our GIG tab and hope to see you there! Our youtube sites, both mine and SisterClan are being paid more attention (cheeeee.......dangit....actually, mostly the SisterClan YouTube site is getting attention. lol) and you'll find new vids there.

Ok, i'm sure i missed stuff, but thats ok, gives me another reason to come back here and post more.

You can stay up to date on whats going on in mine and SisterClans musical journey best by toggling between this website, our Facebook pages, twitter, and Instagramma!! The girls are only on here, YouTube, and Facebook. :)

Much love to all and we hope you had the bestest summer!!

Fara Palmer & SisterClan 



Iskwewsingers nominated for DEBUT GROUP OF THE YEAR


Holy Crow Dogs!!! I just discovered that Iskwew Singers has been nominated for the 2014 Native American Music Awards!! And alongside some pretty talented artists too!  
DEBUT GROUP OR DUO OF THE YEAR!! Congrats all nominees!
1) A Tribe Called Red
2) Fabulous Ripchords
3) Iskwew Singers (Sandy Scofield, Krystle Peterson, & Fara Palmer
4) Lightning Creek 
5) Sihasin
6) Women Of Heart

Find us on FB under: Iskwewsingers. You can also purchase our latest cd on our website,





Many blessings to all of you! We're getting nearer to 2015!! My oldest daughter is a newbie high-schooler ( #innerwahhhh, #babygrowinup) and my other lovelies are enjoying elementary. Some of them intend on trying out for The Next Star next May!! 

As for me......i've come to believe that timing is important. There's my time and then there's THE TIME. Well, i wanted my 4th album to be done by now. Wanted to return to music full-time a few years ago. Wanted, wanted, wanted! However, there was a but.....

That but has led and is still leading me. I fully believe my album is ready to be created now. I've written a number of songs and am currently in the process of figuring out which songs to select for the album. I'm also searching for creative soul/rnb/beat creators to collab with. I've got an idea of the sound i want and believe if i locate my playa's (songwriters, beatmakers, djs, etc) MY TEAM?!!, that 'that something' i'm searching for will help me write and record something special for you all to enjoy.

I'd hoped for help along the way. I have to admit i was kind of an 'all over the place' basket case for a minute. Pretty sure it was me being confused and having a difficult time trying to figure out my 'sound'. Still not sure of it, but i do love to sing so i've decided to keep it simple. To write and record music that i feel good singing. I want to grab you with my voice, my lyrics, my soul, my intent, and my love. It will be awesome to experience the rest of album creation process as it unfolds and i know i suck at updating this website but that just means i'm probably posting the crap out of facebook, twitter and instagram instead. (check me out there k :)! )

Anyhoo, at some point i'll be doing an Indiegogo cd fundraiser. If you are interested, please spread the word and join my email as i'll be sending out a group email with links to the fundraiser when its up and running! 

I hope all you aspiring singers out there are tuning into this years THE VOICE!! Its rad. I get teary eyed when i see chairs turn for our brother and sister singers and i'm on my couch like 'YOU GO GIRL' or 'BRING IT BOO' (for the bro's)!!! 

K, that's it for now! iN love and light:


November 2013 Updates


Hmmm....i realize i often ignore this site. I guess its understandable why i do that. I've got 5 children under the age of 13 and they keep me busy.....but not too busy to FB, Twitter and Instagram! lol. So, if you follow me there more than here, i totes understand!

A quick update then: I moved to the big city after 14 years or so of living in the country. I am now surrounded by musicians, studio's, songwriters, producers, singers, etc! I am grateful. Due to that, i've been meeting with other songwriters, producers, and engineers and slowly but surely, the songs for the new album are being written! Special thanks to Peter Kilgour, Dave Pickell and Jeff Dawson. Looking forward to collabing with a few sensational artists i have much respect for! And bonus...they live in Vancouver! Yay me!! 

I've also met with artist rep interest, but the question of the day is: "Am i the kind of artist who can make money in this business and also have a successful career?". Do i have a fanbase? Is it large enough to sustain my music career both economically and most importantly, through thick and thin?

I have faith, in both my supporters and my gift. I hope to find a way to make others see my potential as well! Life is a treasure, all of it. We are most blessed when we appreciate what we have, when we strive for what we want and achieve it, and when having achieved it, are satisfied! 

I did a photoshoot with Nadya Kwandibens of Red Works Studio recently. If you don't know who she is, check her out on FB and twitter. She is a true photo artista! The main photo you see here is her work. xx Nads!!

Ok, that's it for now. In love, light and harmony: FP



May 2013



Had a serious 2 weeks of intermittent sadness due to learning of so many of our youth committing suicide or trying to. I do believe the feelings will manifest into a song for the new album. <sigh> My brain is overwhelmed with all of the work that i want done for the upcoming cd. I think one of the biggest issues for me currently is that i have no funding. And while that's resulting in 'fear and panic' based emotions, on a deeper level i know that i can accomplish ALOT even without cold hard cash! HOW? Taking stock of the resources available to me. Like i know i know people who are skilled and who would be happy to contribute their gifts to helping me achieve my career/cd goals. Its a patience game: both waiting for life to reveal them to me, and me seeking them out.

In the meantime: i should have my "Best of Fara Palmer...So Far" Compilation Album ready for a mid JUNE release! My goals are to use the compilation to fundraise for all upcoming work (video's, recording, mastering, manufacturing, promo, radio, clothing line, etc), to tide you all over til my next full album release (Targeted for a Spring 2014 release), and to spread awareness of my music!

We may be moving from the country into the BIG CITY. Yikes. My girls are getting bigger, i haven't bought diapers for my youngest this month, so she's almost officially DONE with diapers. ALMOST THERE! 

I could still use all the STREETTEAM helpers i can get. So if you have any ideas of how you can help promote FARA PALMER, please share, share, share! I appreciate all of your efforts, your love, your support, your feedback, your pics, posts, vids loaded on youtube and sooooo much more!

Thank you all so much! All my <3 :FP 




Happy May everyone! FYI: This is what i'm up too  

1) Day 3 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. My upper legs are a bit sore. I think doing those squats later is going to be a wee bit more tricky/painful than Day 2. Bumm-to-the-ER!

2) Building my streetteam daily. TY to all who are working on my behalf, i can see the results! Don't forget to LIKE me on Facebook and your friends too!

3)SONGWRITING: For my fourth album. I have songwriters block....waiting for it to 'unblock'. BUt i do have a few songs. If you wanna listen to a sneak peak, check out my YOUTUBE vid. I'm singing an a'capella version and its somewhere in the vid. 

3) Working on a Saskatchewan 2014 TOUR. 3 Artists: Performances & Workshops Available. 

4) Fara Music Team Building: Considering sharing the DIY (do it yourself) FP career responsibilities with a) a co-manager b) booking agent c) Videographer or puter tech nerd (<3) d) record company??

5) Touring as part of ISKWEWSINGERS. Our tour dates are here on my GIGS tab.

6) Working on "Best of Fara Palmer....So Far" Digital Download Compilation Album. You can pre-order here Best of & read what its all about!

OK, that's it for now. Have a great day ya'll!


Georgia Straight article for Iskwewsingers


Forgot to share this great article for ISKWEWSINGERS that was in the Georgia Straight. What a great review for our new cd. Thank you very much Alexander Varty! READ HERE: Iskwewsingers Article

For those of you who don't know who or what Iskwewsingers (IS) is, let me help out. Its a traditional plains cree womans group i'm in alongside singers Sandy Scofield & Andrea Menard. Check us out here: MYSPACE


Todays blurps


MUSIC: Have hit a songwriting sandbar for the moment. Grrr & frustrating, though i know i ought to relax bcuz the 'flow' will return. Ok, note to self: breathe, relax....ahhhhhhh. I'm experimenting with sound for the upcoming album and as usual, have mixed genres in a hearty Fara Palmer song soup kinda way! SONG SOUP,  i like that.

WORKSHOP: I'm brainstorming a new WORKSHOP, thinking of titling it "Finding the Joy in Being Me". I'm astonished and saddened that many of the social/self issues i experienced as an adolescent are the same experiences of countless female youth & adult alike in the present. In this way, times really haven't changed all that much. I see my own daughters dealing with acceptance and self worth/image issues, despite the things i have taught them. Navigation through truth & social deceptions at the very moment they occur would be helpful. To shine a light on BS when it happens and to acknowledge it as such releases the female from buying into someone elses perception of them. A moment of self truth can be all it takes to let that 'bullying', 'emotional insult', 'putdown' etc to be recognized as the lie or manipulation it is, and to then easily let it roll off your back like oil on wet and continue on walking in the shoes of joyful self truth and acceptance. I still struggle with this myself, which indicates i've still got some issues to deal with and makes me more passionate about advocating for positive female wellness!

FAN-TASTIC: Am coming up with fun stuff, like free prizes, #1 Fan of the Month contests, sneak peaks of song drafts for the new album, & soooo much more. Will send out info to those on my email list and post on this site! Keep comin' back..... 

I look forward to touring again and with the new album due out in 2014, i hope to be putting your town on my GIG calender!! So if you want me in your town, pull some strings/ tell the people who can make it happen about me! xox

ONE love all: Fara 


Tune in April 13th/2012

Watch the 19th Annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards on April 13th/2012 at 7:30 PM EST/PST in Canada on Global & APTN. Numerous award recipients for outstanding achievements, as well as performances and appearances by: Derek Miller, Chantal Kraviuzik, Evan Adams, Leelah Gilday, Noelle Maracle, Sandy Scofield, Rita Coolidge, Inez Jasper, Jani Lauzon, Andrea Menard, myself, and an aboriginal brother and sister team, Carey & Marion Newman, performing a classical piece! I had the privilege to share a song with 7 other outstanding female vocalists. Was an true NDN DIVA's finale to another great awards show! xxx. Tune in! Oh, and noelle maracle starts the song out! You can also find her on Youtube. A talent to be recognized at only 11 years old! ONE LOVE

gigs and blogs

i'm been very lame at posting any gigs, sorry. When i take time off music, i guess i really take time off music. I'm not sure if anyones checking the site anymore, due to my long absence from music again, but i decided to post a couple of gigs that i'm doing this month. I'm STILLLL working on my fourth cd, i know its taking a long time, but the songs are coming together and i look forward to sharing them with all of you. Most of all, i just wanted to share that my favorite part of my website is my GUESTBOOK!!! I'm a sucker for feedback. I just finished reading all of the many posts you beautiful people have taken time to add to my guestbook and i'm sitting here feeling grateful, tingly, loved, supported, and so much more! I thank you all so much for sharing with me, it has truly touched my heart. I'm super grateful that my music has touched yours and affected you all in a variety of different ways. I've always wanted to create music that could make a positive difference, inspire, uplift, bring awareness, and just darn well get people dancin and enjoying themselves. From what i have read on my site, your responses tell me that i am a success! I don't need to be a big pop star, i have what i need and what i want. THANK YOU THANK YOU, and blessings to all of you on this journey called life! Will definately let you know when the new album is ready. all my love, fara

Dreamcatchers Gala 2011

Thank you everyone for contributing and supporting the 2011 Dreamcatchers Fundraising Gala! I had a great time, busy, but great. To the FUNK BROTHERS (old & new generation), i got nothing but respect for your talents and love love love for u! Steven Seagal, band, and Reese (hope i spelled it right): you guys were great to work with, dang talented, and i thank you for letting me participate! It was fun. Emmanuel Lewis, lead singer dude and his beautiful wife!! from Kool and the Gang, Tom Jackson, Wes Studi, Baker Twins, Gil... i enjoyed hanging! My sista's: Leeeeeeeela G, Andrea M, Carmen, Michelle T.... many smooches and great big bear hugs! I had a great time and danced my butt off all nite long. xox


Totally forgot that i recently did a gig for the Dreamcatchers Foundation with the lendendary Motown FUNK BROTHERS. I got to do a song with them and it was great. The whole band are a great group! Beautiful music and good peeps. Also featured that night were: Andrea Menard, Murray Porter, Iskwew, & Shane Yellowbird. The show was a success and there will be another one happening sometime in September or October. For more info: contact the dreamcatchers foundation online. PEACE OUTTTT


It's been awhile since i updated. Took a bunch of time off due to my newest baby girl. I'm back in the songwriting mode and am working on my fourth cd. Don't have a release date yet, but will post when i do. I'm working on a tour idea, so stay posted! I hit Gingolx Crabfest this year and it was awesome! My bro, the capital g aka the voice, did an awesome set with Bemo. Derek Miller rocked out and all the bands were great! Lots of love to the beautiful community of Gingolx (kinkolith).

Free songs!

Blessings all, i've decided to make all 3 of my cd's available as FREE DOWNLOADS. Just go to my music page and download away! I hope all of you enjoy the music, and share it with others. I've decided to take some time off and will be songwriting. I pray you all enjoy the downloads, and thank you for your support of my music! ONE LOVE ALL Fara Palmer

New gigs & hello

Been neglecting my website lately. I'm still working on material for my next cd and will definitely post when the cd is done! Got some gigs which are posted on my calender page. The kelowna E-Spirit awards were awesome! Congrats to all our youth who are seeking independance and who are out there working hard to achieve their goals! Blessings to all!

Updates in April

Blessings all, just wanted to let you all know that i've been sharing the knowledge i have gained with others through workshops. I'm also working on my 4th album and am in songwriting mode! I'll be heading to Ottawa in a week or so to perform a concert with Sandy Scofield as part of BC Scene. Details and links can be found on my calender page. And just in case you didn't know, i still have free ringtones available here on my website, so check em out. You may find a fave of yours. Peace & Unity to all! Fara

Regina Youth Workshops & Concert

Will be heading to Regina, SK in a couple of days to do some workshops and a concert for school youth! Its hosted by CBC Radio, and some of it will be nationally broadcast at a later date! Workshops will focus on music, self, empowerment! Concert is co-headlined with Native Hip-Hop crew 7th Generation.

BC Scene in Ottawa underway

Here's an update on a gig i'll be doing in ottawa in APRIL! Over 600 BC artists of all disciplines. Check out this link for more info: Hope to see you there!!

Metis Youth Awards Gig

I'll be heading to edmonton in a couple of days to honour our metis brothers and sisters and to share the stage with Red Power Squad! Should be cool. The event will be held at the Shaw Conference Centre on Saturday March 7th. For more info, see my calender. One love all, Fara

Soul Food Concert

Edmonton's I-Week & Finale Concert was amazing! Artists from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds sharing the sounds of their cultures. I had a wonderful time. Thank you michelle, leslie, and all the many volunteers who contributed to making this a special event and visit for me! Souljah Fyah, all the artists, students, and the entire audience rocked out with peace and love on our finale song. We used a song i'm writing for my upcoming album called UNITY and everyone contributed parts/verses/etc to it. Towards the end of the live performance the audience was singing the chorus with us, and standing up holding hands, with their arms in the air!! IT ROCKED!!! Social change, empowerment, and laying some foundations for peace and love and of course UNITY! Thank you edmonton and the U of A for bringing me to i-week 2009!

Radio Charts News!

Dear friends, my song "Blah, Blah, Blah" is slowly making its way up the NCI FM & CFWE Radio Charts! This week it sits at #9. Here's the link so you can check out its weekly progress and please help out by calling in to the station and requesting more of my music! Thank you. xoxoxo Fara

TV Appearance

To find information regarding Episode, etc regarding my appearance on APTN's First Talk with Tamara Bull, follow the link below! I'm singing my song PRETTYBROWN!

New gigs

Make sure to visit my CALENDER page for upcoming gigs. Here's a poster for a sweet gig i've got in Edmonton in a couple of weeks. Photobucket Music Workshops & More. It all winds up in a finale concert. Here's the poster: Photobucket

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2008

Blessing my friends, here's a link you can follow to watch the 2008 APCMA's. Its a program called FIRST STORY and they did a wicked job on covering the awards show.

Happy New Year!

Thought i'd send out my HNY wishes to everyone. PEace and blessings all! So i created this cool promo file and thought i'd share it with you. If you are interested in being a part of my street team or would like to help me out in getting this notice distributed, please email me or add an entry in my guestbook! THANK UUUUU! Photobucket All my love and i'm slowly making progress on my new cd! STAY TUNED......

Happy Winter Season!

I want to send all of you, my friends and family, a merry winter season. Here's praying you will be surrounded with love, happiness, and peace during the holiday season. xoxox fara

2008 CAMA's

Well the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards are over! What a busy week i had with performances, recording, meetings, fashion and hosting duties, jamming, and more! My cd Phoenix took home an award for "Best Producer/Engineer". Thank you Catherine and Rob for creating the CAMA's and supporting Aboriginal Music/talent! Blessings and love! Raven & the 2008 CAMA Orchestra: I had a blast singing with you. We rocked it! I'd do it again, anytime!! xoxoxox

New pics up!

They're not the best shots (i took em off my facebook site. lol). If i can, i'll get the originals and put them up instead. HOWEVER, go check em out! Good times, good people, good music!

Canadian Aboriginal Music AWARDS!!

Just arrived in Toronto and its pretty warm over here. All the snow melted! I've got a crazy schedule while i'm here, with performing on the CAMA awards, hosting a HipHop cd release party, hitting the recording studio, attending the powwow and selling my merch, walking the redcarpet, & more! I'd like to say congratulations to all of this years CAMA nominee's! Thank you for making great music! I'm off to a songwriting rehearsal and if any of you are in the Toronto area, please join all of us at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards! (info on my calender) Peace & Love: fara

Toronto gig

I'll be hosting and performing on a sweet hip hop gig in toronto during the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Wab Kinew is releasing his new cd, and we gonna partay to celebrate! Check it out: HipHop Cd release &amp; Gig

Holiday shopping Ideas!

Blessings all, when thinking about what to get for that someone special i hope you think of me as well. Music, clothing, ringtones, posters are just a few of the gifts available on my website, and it would be a great gift to me to know others are enjoying my music!! However you decide to shop, have a happy and safe winter season! All my love to you and yours, FARA PALMER

Fara Palmer RINGTONES!!

I finally went and made up some ringtones for you to download and share! I've never had em before. For now, most of them are FREE! So please spread the word, and share the heck out my music!!! Visit my 'shop/store' page on this site, and check em out. If you love a particular section in one of my songs, i can even customize one especially for you!! So have a listen, download, and get back to me! Peace and happiness, Fara xoxoxo

APTN, CAMA's & more...

Tomorrows my birthday and i plan on enjoying with family! Taking a week off of the road, but just finished taping a tv interview with APTN's 'First Story'. The show airs early 2009, check back for more info. Next up for me is Toronto and the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. I'm nominated in 3 categories. "Best Female Artist", "Best Songwriter", & "Best Producer/Engineer". I'll be performing on the show and am unsure as to whether APTN/other tv is picking it up for all you viewers at home. While in Toronto, i'll be sharing a booth at the CANAB powwow festival on the 29th & 30th. I'll also be hitting the studio with a soulful sista named Belladonna to record a new track for our upcoming cd's. Am currently working on my new cd, and will be hitting the USA for most of December. AND make sure to check out my "SHOP" page, i've got lots of new merch. A new clothing line, cd's, posters, and more! Blessings and love to each and everyone! Fara Palmer xxoxoxox

THE APCMA's.......

Well folks, its bitter icy cold here in Winnipeg, Manitoba but i got prepared and brought along my Inuvik winter jacket, so i'm toasty warm! The APCMA's were busy this year, with lots of festivals and gigs going on around town!! I didn't win in my category, that darn good ol' Derek Miller justs keeps on gathering awards and deservedly so! Congrats derek. If any of you, my visitors, don't know who Derek Miller is- make sure to check out his website. His music rocks, and he's a good brother. Well i'm back at my booth tomorrow for the Manito Ahbee Powwow, and i'm enjoying it. Goodnite, xox Fara

Residential School Play

Hi there everyone, one of my songs from my last cd (Prettybrown) has been selected for use in a Toronto play called 'A very polite genocide, or the girl who fell to earth'. The song being used is a song i wrote about my mothers experience at residential school and is called 'TO BRING BACK YESTERDAY'. This song is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on my website and there is also video footage of me singing it live on my bio page. To learn more about this play visit or click this link,

Almost home

Am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight and will be posting some new photos of some of the gigs i've been at recently. So please check back! In peace & unity, sIsta fara palmer

Edmonton Young Offenders Centre Visit today

To all the sisters and brothers i had the good fortune to spend some time with today, thank you! Thank you all for being open to having me there and for sharing your voices with me. I pray for each of you and hope our paths cross again! Doreen, thank u for making it possible for me to visit and get to know some of the youth! I love the gifts i received and totally dug the wicked PHOENIX painting and the dream-catcher! Much love. Peace & Unity, Fara

Western Canadian Music Awards

A big shout out of thankx to the WCMA's for allowing me the honour to take the stage with sista Janaya and Souljah Fyah. What a spiritual celebration of African & Aboriginal culture!! Congrats to Tracy Bone for her WCMA win in the "Outstanding Aboriginal Recording" category. Edmonton rocked! And i met some cool peeps and new friends. A huge thank you to my girl MOTHERPEACE for taking good care of me and for showing me how a great hostess takes care of her visitors. Blessing to you and prayers that you pass your tests!! Thank you for taking time out of your life to share a part of mine. All my love and respect!

WCMA Festival Showcase

After an interesting time with the soundman, we were able to get my sound requirements going and despite the raw, dry throat i had i sang 6 songs. Thanks to all who came out to support! Much love, Fara

Aboriginal Health & Wellness Conference

Thank you so much to Interior Health, Nancy Plett and everyone who invited me to share my music! I had a great time, and the audience was superb!!! I pray to be able to entertain you again sometime soon and that everyone has a safe journey home! And big ups to everyone who bought hoodies and tshirts off me! It's my first time having a clothing line and i felt so proud to see you all wearing the line! Thank u again! Peace & Love, Fara Palmer


I finally created my first ever run of clothing. It's called OPD, which stands for the "Original Prettybrown". Visit my 'SHOP' page to check it out. I'll be creating more clothes soon in different styles. Also, i've now got posters available for purchase! Just what everybody needs right?? A life-size image of me. LOL). Posters are found on my SHOP page also. In peace & harmony, Fara Palmer xoxx

Native American Music Awards 2008

Well i don't have the complete skinny yet, but congratulations go out to sister Star Nayea for winning "Best Female Artist", & Tracy Bone. I took home the "Best Pop Recording" award and want to thank all my friends and fans who took the time to go to the Nammy site and cast their votes for me!! Thank u. Congrats to all this years nominee's for being recognized for your talents, music, and cd's!! Blessings all, xox


For this months press release, visit my BIO page. Keep up-to-date on what's going on in my career. Peace & Unity, Fara Palmer

New clothing line & posters

I finally created my first set of tshirts and hoodies! Available on my website soon. I'll have a booth set up during the APCMA's in winnipeg at the Powwow. My posters will also be available on my website soon. Keep checking back. Peace & Love, Fara

Saskatchewan & Edmonton

I had a wonderful time in Saskatoon during the recent 5th Annual Sask Abo Music Festival! I sure hope we raised enough money to assist our youth in re-connecting with their culture via culture camps. Thank you Alex for the invitation, its been awhile since i've been in my home province! And the Belcourt Brousseau Metis Awards were fantabulous! I met alot of nice people, learned more about Metis identity, and made some new friends. Thank you theresa for bringing me out.

3 more nominations!

Well folks, i'm feeling like someone who hit it BIG and nobody knows. LOL. I am super stoked, happy, and excited to share that my PHOENIX cd has earned 10 separate nominations this year (2008) at 7 different Industry Music Award Shows across Canada & the United States! The 3 new nods i've received are: *"Best Female Artist", "Best SONGWRITER" (YAY!!!!!!), and "Best Producer" *New nods for the CAMA's, that's the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards! For everyone who wants to support my music, i could still use VOTERS for the Nammy's & the APCMA awards. Voting ends soon, so get those votes in. Instructions can be found on my homepage. Peace & Love to all, and congrats to all 2008 Nominees!!


"Best Producer/Engineer" Nomination

Thank you everyone for voting for me at the APCMA's! I made it into the Best Producer/Engineer category. Round 2 voting starts today and i could use all your votes 1 more time. This time you'll be selecting a WINNER! Thank you all for supporting my PHOENIX cd & me!

FREE Phoenix Download

My multi-nominated new cd PHOENIX is available on my website as a FREE DOWNLOAD for the next week! This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who made the time to vote for me in the first round of the APCMA's! Round 1 is over now and they are tabulating votes. I'll update when i learn if i made it as one of the final nominees. ALL MY LOVE TO MY FRIENDS & FANS!! Download my cd & share it....

ISMA Nomination

I learned today that my cd PHOENIX has earned a nomination for "Best Pop Recording" at the 2008 Indian Summer Music Awards held in Milwaukee USA. COngrats to all of my fellow nominees. For more info, please visit the ISMA site at:

NAIG Cowichan Games

They rocked!! Many athletes, talented artists, and events going on! My set was great and the audience was sweet. Thank you NAIG for inviting me.

WCMA Nomination

I have received a nomination at the WCMA's (Western Canadian Music Awards) under the category of "Outstanding Aboriginal Recording"!! For more info, visit: And don't forget to make your vote for me at the APCMA's!! Info for this can be found on my homepage. Am about to get a tatoo, and then will be hitting the Kamloopa Powwow!!!!

The SALMON have arrived!

Yay, today we had our first salmon-of-the-year feast. Which means that the salmon are running. We're setting up camp and getting prepared to start smoking, candying, wind-drying, and canning our fish!! This is the time of season where i tighten up a bit, build some muscles, teach my children how to harvest off the land, pick wild mints down by the river, swim like a fish in the cold river water, and simply put: ENJOY a cultural way of life!!! We are also fortunate to know other families who are organic farming families/traders, so we like to make trades for other great items that stock our pantry like organic vegetables, fruits, sea salt, etc. Trading ROCKS!!! MY SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!! My hubby has been out in the community supplying our elders with salmon he caught in the last couple of days and the twinkle in their eyes and lightness of their smiles was a gift to see!!

BC 150 Celebrations

Wow, i think the Skeetch community(which is where i live) will want a conference and celebration like this one EVERY year!! The conference was informative, and the audience was receptive. My workshop was well attended, but the best part was that my audience participated! Thank u everyone who was a part of my workshop. The BC 150 Celebrations were awesome! My kids & I danced and were entertained by local and non-local artists. RedNations had us bobbin our heads and shakin our butts, the Chickpeaz were sort of rock-punky with a fresh/original sound, the Kamloops Ole Time Fiddlers featured our own local youth Kayla Draney(don't hate if i spelled your name wrong lil sis) who did a great job fiddlin it up!! I sang a song called "MY BROTHER", which i wrote for my deceased brother Gabriel "Skooks" Palmer, specifically for our community because everyone who's from Skeetch knew and loved my brother. Also, I felt it was time to share the song with my community so we could honour my brothers memory and heal a bit more together using unification & music as the instruments of healing. Rockin R's, well...the name says it all & U DO!! I have to send an apology to George Leach. I wanted to very much to see him perform, but i was just bushed and couldn't stay awake. Sorry bro! I'm sure you rocked it! Thanks u Skeetchestn Indian Band & Ellen Torng for hiring me and for putting on this wonderful communty oriented event!!!!!!

Skeetchestn Conference is Rockin!!

Well i've been having a great time. Our little community of Skeetch has been hosting some pretty cool talent such as: Gordon Tootoosis, Dakota House, M'Girl, Suzette Amaya, Scott Ward, and more to come! Tomorrow'll be a concert starring me, George Leach, RedNation, and more. My workshop today went very well, i had a great bunch of people who participated and shared! Well, i'm off to bed. Gnite all! I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

APCMA voting begins July 8th!

I need your votes! Help vote me to the FANS CHOICE awards, the APCMA's. My bro's "The 7th Generation" are also nominated! So hook us up. Thank you for your support. Visit TODAY!!!

Elders Gathering 2008

I am honoured again to be performing for my elders at this years BC Elders Gathering. Last year it was held in Vancouver and this year it will be held in Prince Rupert. I'm travelling with the Youth Hip-Hop crew "The Seventh Generation" and we'll both be performing on July 7th at the Civic Centre. Check out my calender for more info. I can't wait to get up there and have started the 16 hour drive today. I'll be eating delicious traditional west coast foods! YAY! Ocean fare. All my relations...don't open the door yet....i'm gonna stay awhile! lol. Laterz.... Oh, and i think the voting for the APCMA's begins soon. Please visit ABORIGINALPEOPLESCHOICE.COM , register and vote for me! I'm nominated in 5 categories. Send me to the final round and on to the awards show in Manitoba in November. Thxxxx

New photos up

Been remiss in adding photos. SO...visit my photo page and check out the pics taken from different gigs & events. Peace outeeeeeee

Heading home to my babies...

I'm on my way home tomorrow for a couple of days off and some FAMILY TIME! The next show i'll be doing is in Prince Rupert July 7th & 8th for the Elders Gathering. I'll be sharing a concert with the crew of the 7Th Generation and a bunch more talented artists! (see my calender) Oh, & voting for the APCMA awards begins soon! So please visit the ABORIGINALPEOPLESCHOICE.COM website, register(its free), and vote for me in the 5 categories i'm nominated in!!!! Thank you. FP

Iqaluit & Alainiat Festival

So i'm back from Baffin Island and the capital of Nunavut, IQALUIT! Was invited to be a part of the Alianait festival and am sad to not be there anymore! I enjoyed being there in Iqaluit, met some beautiful people, and had a great time presenting a workshop on stickgames for the youth. The same youth, by the way, who did a great job picking up the game. To the team captains on both sides, you did a great job in your roles as leaders and i thought you were good examples for your teammates! Thank you for drumming, singing, and making the workshop so fun to present! To all of youth who came to the Youth Concert, i had an awesome time performing for you. I've never sung Prettybrown acapella while the audience clapped out the beat for me. And it sounded so amazing, YOU ALL ROCK!! I would feel very honoured indeed to be invited back to your community again! Maybe next time i'll get to sample the musk-oxen, caribou, seal, cod, and char! I loves me some grassroots cookin'! For all those youth who wanted a free cd, make sure to talk to Amy cuz i have donated a Cd to the youth centre. Download it, make copies of it, ENJOY IT! All my love to everyone i met. Christine, thankx for getting all the kids dancing and for sharing your bouncy friendly supportive energy! Marie, you are a soul sista! Thank you for welcoming me to your community and for being such a great hostess! I loved throat-singing with you. Emily, heather and everyone from ALAINIAT, from my heart to yours, THANK U! I hope to see you again. FP xoxoxox

Headin' NORTH!

In a couple of days i'll be heading up North to Inuit Territory! That's above the tree line in Iqaluit, NUNAVUT. When i get there, it's that time of season when there is no nitetime. It'll be light out all day long!! 24 hours of light. Isn't that cool!! The info for the workshop and concert i'll be performing at can be found on my calender page. Peace, love, respect! Fara

NAD Events all done this year

I just finished 3 NAD gigs. One was on June 20th, and the other 2 were on June 21st in TWO DIFFERENT provinces!! Edmonton, the earlier 21st event, was truly blessed! I learned some lessons, shared my musical gifts with the people, and met some beautiful spirits. Grasmere, located in BC, was my evening June 21st National Aboriginal Day concert. I want to say thank you so much for making me feel welcome, for sitting out in the on-again/off-again rain and waiting for my arrival! I was overwhelmed by the gifts you all gave me and my family. My husband and daughters were thrilled to receive their gifts. You have touched my heart!! Edmonton, Grasmere, i hope to see you all again!

National Aboriginal Day Celebrations 2008

Blessings all! I'll be sharing my abo-day celebrations with the good people of Edmonton, AB. Here's an event i'll be singing at on June 20th, in celebration of our YOUTH, it's called NAD youth gathering health fair 2008. Check out the poster for it on my photos page. xox

Kelowna "On Common Ground" Fest ROCKED!!

Thank you kelowna and all who attended the OCG festival earlier today. I had a great time singing for all of you and enjoyed dancing to the 7th Generations sweet beats! I met a bunch of beautiful people, and they are engraved in my heart!! Peace all, and thank you Alternator Gallery for inviting me to be a part of the festival!!

In honour of my mother: a residential school survivor

June 10th/2008 the Prime Minister of Canada delivered an apology to the survivors of the Residential School era. As my mother is a 2nd generation IRS survivor, I want to share with you a passage she recently wrote. [My mothers thoughts]: "I am stunned, which should not come as a surprise given my continued historical encounters with No Justice, that the predessors of Non Aboriginal Leaders -who on hand fully acknowledge that laws were put in place to committ horrific crimes to thousands of children in residential school- continue to reiterate and broadcast their verbal barrage of compensation complaints to the rest of Canada. I am now addressing the statement made by the Conservative MP, in light of expending tax payers monies. For those who are in the dark, and it is shamefully apparent that many of our country's citizens are definately in the dark, let it be known that a majority of First Nations people pay taxes. First Nations tax breaks are applicable only on Native reservations (reserve lands) and for those who choose to acknowledge the geography of Canada it isn't hard to see that reservations lands represent approximately 1/3 of the country. That being clarified, when you talk about spending 'tax payers dollars' you are also referring to and representing the First Nations taxpayers and their dollars earned, spent, and distributed in support of the Canadian economy. To add insult to injury, the taxes levied upon First Nations people off reservation lands are in direct violation with the policies and laws applicable to First Nations as defined by the Indian Act, an act legislated, but not enforced, by the government of Canada. Certainly intelligent and compassionate human beings are able to discriminate that the residential school era was a dark chapter in Canadian History. However, for those individuals who are less compassionate and who remain ignorant of the basic human rights guaranteed to all Canadians, of which First Nations people are most definately a part, the dark chapter i refer to is far from over. All actions have reactions. The legacy of the Indian Residential School era resulted in far-reaching consequences. Indeed, many of the dysfunctional behaviours of the decendants of the Indian Residential School survivors are a testament to the atrocities forced upon and endured by their elder relatives. Imagine Sir, if the government of the day violated your home and family by kidnapping your children. Just up and decided that your race was inferior and was in dire need of assimilation and re-culturation. Further imagine the look in your five year old childs face when you try to explain why you are 'allowing' them to be taken away. Does a five year old fully understand or comprehend the consequences involved in defying law? Did you yourself know that the First Nations parents who chose to protect their children from being taken away to residential school were jailed? Probably not. In many situations, children were forcibly removed and often outright tricked into custody or stolen. Can you imagine the devastation and trauma you, as a parent, might experience when you visualize your flesh and blood being ripped from your arms?? Then try to shut out the screaming silence left behind by a village without children?? A life without your children?? The denial, pain, injustice, and righteous rage you might suffer?? Worse the acknowledgement to self that your power to 'right the wrong and get your child back' is impotent. And just when you think it won't get worse, you start to understand that you might never again see your child and that you have no idea of what your child is going through. The unfortunate and brutal truth is, many children disappeared, died, were beaten to death, were raped, and endured inhumane atrocities sanctioned by religion and government all in the name of assimilation and cultural genocide. Yet these crimes weren't suffered by warriors or war vets, but by children. Babies. Yes, these events did occur more often then we are led to believe or even mention. Getting back to the Conservative MP- do the comments surprise me, sadly no but they still stun and shock me. Respectfully, A 2nd generation Indian Residential School Survivor Mary Anne Katcheech Bear Palmer" NDN's all across the nation witnessed the historical apology. It's been a long time coming. Did you know that the last residential school was shut down in 1996?? To all my relations who attended RS, and who have felt the devastation of its legacy to our people...i honour, validate, acknowledge, thank, love, and pray for you and yours!

Survivors Of Residential School Concert A Success!

The concert in Portage La Prairie was awesome! I was commissioned by the CBC Radio2, who will be airing the show nationally and making it available as an online "On Demand", to write a new residential school song. I chose to write an honour song and used my hand-drum to sing it for my elders. I was super nervous, as it was my first stage appearance with my hand-drum! I ain't no Joanne Shanendoah yet, but i'm on my way! I had a great visit. Thank you to my relatives of MANITOBA!!! xoxoxox For anyone who would like to catch the radio broadcast, tune in to: CBC Radio 1, Sat June 14th & Sat 21st at 5PM CBC Radio 2, Fri June 20th from 8-10PM NCI FM, June 27th & July 4th

Heading out to Manitoba

I'm almost on my way to attend the Honouring our Survivors of Residential School Conference and Concert!! I have a feeling there will be a healing, a group unified releasing. I'm honoured to be invited and to sing for my elders!

Gig tonite!!

My New Music West VIOLET FEMMES showcase is tonite in Vancouver, BC at THE LIBRA ROOM(see calender for more info). The show starts at 7:45PM and i go on at 8:45PM. Tix are $10. bucks at the door. Also showcasing/gigging are: Beth Southwell, Zoe Scott, & The Jilted Brides. For further info, visit the New Music West website!

APCMA 2008 Nomination!!

My cd PHOENIX has received an 'early' nomination in 5 categories!! I say 'early' because i've been accepted for the 1st round of voting which begins shortly. It's WAYYYYY early in the game, but head on over to and have a look/listen. Get familiar with the site because i have a HUGE favour to ask every single one of you who visits this site: 1) Click the link above. Note that i am nominated for "Aboriginal Entertainer Of The Year", "Best Folk/Acoustic CD"(there isn't a Pop category yet), "Best Producer/Engineer", "Best Songwriter", & "Single Of The Year". 2) When you get to the APCMA site, select the SIGN UP tab & register to become a member. It's FREE & takes 2 minutes(unless you're like me & still on dial-up, in which case it'll take 7 minutes) 3) Tell all your friends, relatives, etc to do the same! I've got about 2 months to get my voting forces together! Follow the steps above, and get everyone to come to my website to join my emailing list!! Because the super-cool thing about the APCMA's is.....all winners are decided by YOU: THE PUBLIC!! If nobody votes for me, i won't win. And here's the catch: you can only vote for me once per category. First Round of Voting begins July 8th, 2008 at 11:00am CST First Round of Voting ends August 15th, 2008 at 12:00am CST Nominees Announced August 20th, 2008 Final Round of Voting begins August 20th, 2008 at 11:00am CST Final Round of Voting ends October 17th, 2008 at 12:00am CST. As you can see, there are 2 ROUNDS of voting!! SO...i really could use an army of loyal FARA-VOTING FANS!!!!! Thank U!! xox SPREAD THIS BLOG TO EVERY1 U KNOW....(this message will self-destruct in 10 seconds).....(just kidding)......(or am I??)....


Me & the sisters of Violet Femmes are showcasing at THE LIBRA ROOM May 17th in Vancouver, BC. New Music West will be full of bands rockin it up all over the city. If you're in our hood, come check out the show! See my calender for more details!


The Los Angeles FAITA Awards are being held tonite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 90210!! Right now actually....and i'm sitting here typing this blog, which means i didn't make it to LA to receive my award in person. Interestingly enough, i'm pontificating and deliberating over the notion that perhaps at this very moment they are announcing my category, my name, and someone is accepting the award on my behalf. And hey...i'm thinking that maybe we should've had one of those pre-taped video feeds. You know, where the announcer says, "Fara Palmer couldn't be here tonite to receive her award, however we do have her on tape. And she had this to say..." and everyone looks at the big tv screen way up on high and they roll the 'fara says thank you' clip. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SUPER COOOOOL! Anyways, that didn't happen...i'm still here in Canada...still grateful for the honour & acknowledgement....hungry....thirsty.....leaving........gone..........xoxoxoxo

Donations welcome!

I've added a "Donations" option on my SHOP page. I often joke about anonymously donating money to me, and it's funny but i have had alot of replies from people who actually want to send me money! Sooo....i set up a cool Paypal account and now everyone can send me their cash! lol. We'll see what happens! Peace, love & happiness to all! FP

Indiana Jones NEWS!!

One Mr. Indiana Jones(whoevers playing him now) plus cast & crew are busy filming part of the movie across the street from my house! Kewul, aye?? I thought about cooking up a whack of fried bread and then going over to their trailer camp and makin some dough! But decided that it would be too much work & that i was happy to check em out from afar. I know this has nothing to do with my career, but i grew up watching Indiana Jones and his adventures and i'm a fan!! Must be some new marketing strategy cuz now i can't wait until the movie is realeased so i can go see it!! Fricken marketer people. xox


So far the hardest working Fara Palmer STREET TEAM MEMBER i have is......(drumroll please...): DOREEN LESPERANCE. Thank you D, for all your support and for putting in time to assist me in promoting my music!! U RAWK LADY!!! Anyone else interested in being a part of my STREET TEAM can contact me via email. Do it cuz u love my music or cuz u want the cool perks(backstage passes, free merch, concert tix, etc). Either way, you'll have my gratitude!!

KYNR Loves Blah, Blah, Blah!!

Track #1: Blah, Blah, Blah off of my latest cd PHOENIX is getting madd airplay in Toppenish, Washington USA. one of the top requested songs! A big shoutout of love & thanks to all the ladies of Yakima & Toppenish who are diggin the song. Thankx for calling in every day to hear it!! Sista's gotta stick together, RIGHT??!! Big ups to KYNR Radio for playing my music and for always showing their support! Thank you Roy, Reggie, & the whole team running KYNR. One love, F URGENT! 911: Call your local radio station & demand to hear my tunes. If they don't got the cd, send em to my website! Thxxxxx


Guess what? So like the day after my Juno loss, i check in to my email and find out that i WON the award for "Outstanding Musical Achievement In A Contemporary Field" for the 2008 FAITA awards. FAITA stands for "First Americans In The Arts" and is based out of Los Angeles. So not sure yet, but may be heading to L.A. Thank you FAITA for acknowledging my cd PHOENIX, and for honouring me with such a beautiful award!! xox

Juno goes to......

I am pleased to report that Derek Miller won the "Aboriginal Recording Of The Year" category. So yes, i did not win. Ahh, shucks eh??? lol. The Juno's absolutely RAWKED!! Got to see & meet Serena Ryder, Hedley, Tegan Quinn, Corb Lund, Alex Cuba, Jill Barber, and so many many more talented artists. I tried stocking Jacob Hoggard, and for some reason was making it my Juno weekend mission to creep him out. I don't think i achieved my goal, and will have to try again next time i'm in the same vincinity as he is! Thank you Calgary, Caras, Radio Starmaker Fund, EMI for the kick-ass afterparty!!, Songwriters circle, Juno Abo showcase & CBC Radio2 for the ONDEMAND radio broadcast of our show! And finally, to all of the people who love me and my music and really wanted me to win the JUNO.....thank you for your love & support! I did win a different award, check out the title above(FAITA). xox

Have arrived in Calgary 4 the JUNOS!

Just wanted to send the BIGGEST shoutout & THANK U to the 2008 Radio Starmaker Fund for supporting me, an independant artist, and approving a travel grant to help out with financing my 2008 JUNO AWARDS WEEKEND TRIP!! Thank u so much! to rehearsals for the ABO JUNO CELEBRATION & SHOWCASE. For more info, see my calender page.

Tune in to the JUNO's. HOW??

Turns out the Juno's aren't just going to be televised Apr 6th live on CTV from Calgary. The Juno people got TV, Radio, & ONLINE coverage. TV: programming on numerous news and entertainment programs on CTV as well as six specialty channels. For info see: CHUM RADIO: 104.5 CHUM FM (Toronto), The Beat (Vancouver), Kool FM (Victoria), Energy 101.5 (Calgary), The Bounce (Edmonton), Q94 FM (Winnipeg), Energy 99.3 FM (Peterborough, Ont.), FLY FM (Kingston, Ont.), BOB FM (Ottawa), and C100 FM (Halifax) April 6 at 7 p.m. ET – CHUM Radio Special Presentation – a one-hour syndicated red carpet radio special followed by a live simulcast of The 2008 JUNO Awards. ONLINE, ONLINE, ONLINE: CTV Broadband network at: April 6 – JUNO fans at home can watch eTalk at the JUNOS Red Carpet show on demand on their computers on The CTV Broadband Network at beginning at 8 p.m. ET. As well, see live backstage blogging from eTalk reporter and celebrity blogger Elaine “Lainey” Lui. Once the awards are given out, Canadians can watch The 2008 JUNO Awards on demand whenever they like beginning at 10 p.m. ET, along with behind the scenes footage from the press room, where winners will questions from the media as they come offstage. You may see coverage of me walking the RED CARPET. I won't be performing on the show and you'll only see me on the live JUNO show if I end up winning. My category is one of approximately 30 other awards that will announced & given out at a private Juno Award Pre-show Event. So wish me, & everyone else luck. For everyone rooting for me, i thank you with all my heart! I humbly say that whether i win or not, I AM LIVING & SUCCEEDING IN MY DREAM! Whether i win or lose, I AIN'T GONNA STOP! xoxoxoxo Your sister & friend, Fara Palmer


In exactly 7 days, i'll be on my way to the city of Calgary for the JUNO AWARDS! Kewul! Here's some info and i'll add a url link to check out too! The 2008 JUNO Awards, Sunday, April 6 on CTV Get ready to rock! With the biggest night in Canadian music approaching, CTV revealed today the final elements of its broadcast plan for The 2008 JUNO Awards. Airing live on Sunday, April 6 at 8 p.m. ET from Calgary’s Pengrowth Saddledome, the 2-hour broadcast will see 7 JUNO Awards handed out by 17 presenters from atop an imaginative and original set designed to echo Calgary’s rich past and booming present. The awards broadcast will be preceded by the official JUNOS red carpet special, eTalk at the JUNOS, at 7 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local broadcast times). Seventeen presenters will hand out eight awards during the CTV broadcast, which includes the induction of legendary rock band Triumph to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Confirmed presenters include nominees AlexCuba, Belly, Corb Lund, Deborah Cox, Tom Cochrane, illScarlett, Jesse Cook, James Ehnes, Pascale Picard, Serena Ryder, Sophie Milman, Suzie McNeil, and Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor from Blue Rodeo. As well, the winner of the Doritos Ultimate Fan contest will bestow the JUNO Fan Choice Award presented by Doritos. Additionally, Rock group Triumph will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the broadcast. Visit or or for a complete list of nominees in each category. As previously announced, The 2008 JUNO Awards features 15 dynamic Canadian artists performing throughout the star-studded, two-hour show. Featuring a wide variety of musical genres, this year’s stellar performance lineup includes JUNO nominees Avril Lavigne, Feist, Finger Eleven, Hedley, Jully Black, Measha Brueggergosman and Michael Bublé. Fellow nominee Anne Murray will appear in special duet performances with Jann Arden and Sarah Brightman. Aaron Lines, Gord Bamford, Johnny Reid, Paul Brandt and Shane Yellowbird are all nominees performing in a special all-country musical tribute to host city Calgary and the province of Alberta. Hit up this link for MORE:

Okimaw Drums by Jay Coutts

I want to share the news about my husband, Jay Coutts and his new website: The site is under construction right now and i'll continue to add new info daily! Jay is a very talented drum-maker, currently has drums for sale, and also can make a drum just for you! Okimaw Drums is a grassroots effort. What we mean by that is, Okimaw Drums is the work of ONE artist: Jay!! We are not into mass-drummaking and as such, Jay puts his heart and soul into each drum he creates. The end result is a drum that looks great, sounds great, and is durable. If you love drums the way our family loves drums, we invite you to visit OKIMAWDRUMS.COM! Make an order, or simply tell us how much you dig our drums by signing our guestbook! We appreciate your support and hope you will help to spread the word. Thanx from the Coutts/Palmer Clan

"Poor Me" in the Top 30 Charts

Hey all, one of my favorite songs off of my new cd PHOENIX has made it into a Radio Top 30 Chart!! YAY. The song is called "Poor Me" and its currently #7 at CFWE Radio, Alberta. Here's the url if you want to stay updated and if you'd like to call in and request to hear more of my songs!! Help get my songs to the no# 1 spot on the charts! All my love 2 u & Yours...

Series of Fortunate Events

Had a wicked cool day! Random events kept happening to me that wound up not being random at all! Like i locked my keys in my truck and a husband & wife asked if i needed help. While the husband(who said he used to have alot of experience breaking into vehicles. lol) manipulated a wire hanger with the utmost attention, his wife and i got to talking. She noticed my cd's sitting on the hood of my truck and the lo and lo of it, is that she wound up buying my cd!! So, i made $20. bucks, got my truck broken into, got my keys back and potentially made a couple of more Fara music lovers!! Then i found out that i had a parking ticket, so i went to City Hall to pay it(if you pay the same day, the fee is drastically reduced!). Once at City Hall, i paid the fine and guess who i ran into?? The mayor of Kamloops. Welllllllll, i'd been wanting to let my local town know that one of theirs had recieved a JUNO nomination. I gave the mayor my Phoenix cd, a performance video, my card, and some promotional materials. Now we'll see if the City of Kamloops is proud & supportive of the local talent. Guess i should have contacted the Mayor sooner.....MY BAD!!! lol. Peace all xox OH YA, forgot to add that i'm off to Warmsprings, Oregon tomorrow for a speaking engagement (listed on my calender). And a HUGE shoutout of thanks to those of you who are repping my new cd PHOENIX and telling everyone you know about it. It's paying off!! My sales!!! Thank u, thank u. Keep up the great work!! All my love, Fara Palmer

LOCAL GIG March19th

Wanted to let all the locals know that i'll be performing in Kamloops at TRU on March 19th. Details located on my calender page. Hope to see you all there! OH, and if you're from Kamloops & area: YOUR MISSION(should you choose to accept it) IS TO HEAD TO PLAY RECORDS IN ABERDEEN MALL & BUY OUT MY NEW CD PHOENIX!!! SUZI RAWN RAWKSSSSS, BUT.....SHE AIN"T THE ONLY LOCAL FEMALE THAT RAWKSSSSSSSSS!! xoxoxoxoxox


I need your help to promote my songs!! If every1 could call up their local radio stations and request the heck out of my music, THAT WOULD RAWK!!!! Many stations will not have my music, or won't know who i am. Don't let that stop you. Give them my website info & KEEP REQUESTING MY SONGS PLEASE!! I have a dream to share my music with the world. That means millions of radio stations. I think i've tapped into 1% of that million. LOL. SO you can see that i could TOTALLY USE YOUR HELP!!! GO HOOK A SISTER UP & HELP TO GET ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE FARA PALMER SONGS AIRED!!!!


For a limited time, i have allowed all 6 of the songs i have loaded on my MYSPACE profile available as FREE DOWNLOADS! I hope you have a listen, download, and share them with all your friends! My Myspace profile is listed under: faraakaprettybrown. For anyone who wants to buy a copy of my latest cd "Phoenix", you can get it online at Take care all! Pray for sunshine. I feel spring & summer approaching and feel like shouting out a very loud "Yeehaw!!!!!!!". Must be a cowgirl lurking in me somewhere??!!

Upcoming Conference

Nominated for a JUNO!

I'm happy and grateful to announce that i've been nominated for a Juno award for my new cd, "Phoenix". The Juno's will be held in Calgary Alberta April of this year. For more info, visit the juno website at: Wish me luck!!

2008 Bookings

My calender is starting to fill up, so please come back every now & then to check my CALENDER for bookings. I hope to be in your neck of the woods this year! I'll also be making more video footage available soooooon for everyone to check out! Stay tuned..........OH!!!!!! And cross your fingers for me please, i'm waiting to hear back from the JUNO AWARDS to see if my new cd PHOENIX gets nominated or not. I sure hope so. Peace all!


Guess what? I've changed my MySpace songlist and recently made those songs available as FREE DOWNLOADS! Sooooo, if you've ever tried to get ahold of my song "Prettybrown", now you can. Simply go to my myspace profile(see MY LINKS on this site for the url) and get your free download. I hope you spread the word, share the songs, load them on your iPods, etc!! Enjoy, from my heart to yours, Fara xxxoooxxx

New Artist Links!

I've added links to some pretty talented artists on my links page. There are soooo many amazing Native Indian artists out there doing their thang. To me they are all SUPERSTARS! Check em out! They ROCK!!!

Happy 2008!

I'm still on relax/family time. Actually, any time i'm not performing or on the road is "relax/family time"! Here's praying that you have a wonderful 2008!! All my love, Fara

Happy Winter Season!

I pray that everyone is blessed with a wonderful winter season and a joyous New Year! May your lives be filled with empowerment, love, and lots of laughter! I'm currently chillin', teaching myself how to play my guitar and my hand-drum. Oh ya, i've been rounddancing it up over here. Pretty soon i'll have an arsenal of ndn and cree love songs to croon. OUCH! haha. Christmas is only 3 days away. Hope yours rocks!!!! From my heart to yours, fara

Back in B.C.

Well i'm back in B.C after my trip to Toronto for the Canadian Aboriginal Festival and the Cama's. Almost got snowed in, then when i got home to B.C the highways were shutdown due to SNOW! Haha. But i made it home anyways and all ends well. I shared my new cd with all who'd listen, jammed with diggin' roots, 24 hour jammed it with OS12, Tinsel Korey, Leela Gilday, Happy Frejo, and so many more talented artists!! Was a good trip. Peace all and happy winter season. Fara xox

Have arrived in T.O

So much going on over here and so many talented First Nations artists! The homefires are growing. Will be attending workshops during the day, and heading to the music awards tonite. (for more info on what's going on over here, see:

Heading to Toronto

Aloha everyone, hope you are well. It's snowing over here finally and i'm wondering if it's just a trick. Will the snow stay, will it melt. Darn global warming. Anyways, i'm off to Toronto on thursday to attend the CAMA's(see calender) and the Canadian Aboriginal Festival. There's so much going on. See my calender for some of the events i'll be attending. I'll keep you all posted! All my love, fara PS: It's my moms birthday on Dec 1st. Please send her some birthday prayers for blessings and happiness. Thank you!!!

Yakama Nation Shoutouts

To all the brothers & sisters of the Yakama Nation, Toppenish, and Tribal Jam: I felt so welcome in your territory. You were all so respectful, kind, supportive, super-friendly, and cool! Thank you for making my stay one to remember. Special shoutouts to: The youth: the boys & girls who got up and hand-drummed and sang me a happy birthday song, thank you! You rocked it! Keep on being NDN youth to be proud of. You represent our people, our future, our culture. Your voices were beautiful!!!!!!!!! Roberta, your sweet, and i'm glad to have met you. All the sis's & bro's who came up and said hello, took pics, and got to know me: thank u and stay in touch. Beautiful Yaka-mama, i miss u girl! Leon: the brother who made it possible for me to come to Tribal Jam and Yakama territory. I am blessed and grateful. May you and your wife have a blessed walk together! All the entertainers & friends i made: I LOVE YOU ALL & respect your gifts. Randy Wood: your voice moves me and i feel at peace. Thank u for the birthday song. A friendship round dance in a bar, ever heard of that b4? To every1 who made time to acknowledge my b-day thru songs, gifts, shoutouts: i am soaring, thank u! Love is good medicine. Elders who i met, thank you for your gifts and words you shared with me. Ryan, Reggie, Roy and Yakama Nation Radio: big ups and thank u 4 showing me the luv!!! To any name & person i didn't mention( i suck with names), but whose face is engraved in my heart, thank u for sharing your life with me! The Yakama Nation Gift shop, thank you 4 carrying my music and 4 supporting my career! From my heart to yours everyone, thank you!

Birthday love!

Wow, i'm feeling so overwhelmed with all the love that all of you have shown & shared with me. So many gifts, and the best part of all, all of the gifts came from your hearts. Thank you for loving me! This has been the best birthday i have had in the last 11 years! I'm sitting here crying my ass off because i sooooo am feeling all of your love and best wishes. For everyone who answered my birthday requests, I LOVE U! May your love be returned to you tenfold!! I have been honoured & blessed, i am grateful, humble, and happy! All my love to you! Fara

My Birthday & X-mas Wishes

Greetings and how are ya's. I am taking this extra special time to let you in on a little secret. My birthday is coming up in 4 days (nov 16th), and i figured i'd just straight out ask for what i want. So here goes: 1) Go online to and purchase your copy of my new cd PHOENIX 2) While at my cdbaby page, please scroll wayyyyyy down to the bottom of the page and leave me a kick-butt review!! 3) Tell all your friends, family, and internet connections about me and my music! Help to get my music heard. 4) Close your eyes and send your love my way. Then picture me sending my love back to you! Ok, that's it. You know, christmas is also right around the corner too. Maybe my request could also cover x-mas. And wouldn't my new cd make a great x-mas present?? Huh?? Thanks for your support, i need more pals like you!! In peace, unity & a whole lotta love xoxoxoxo Fara Palmer

APCMA Shoutouts

Just wanted to say "EVERYONE I MISS YOU!!!". Julie, Jason, Leelah, James, Oka, Highway 373, Diggin Roots(Shashona & Raven), the beautiful ndn brother who's name i've lamed out on(but he is a drummer & also is a friend of the talented Mihirungi), alan greyeyes, andrea menard, 7th generation, tamara podemski, rednation, don amero, gabby taylor, lisa odjig, columpa, eagle&hawk, cheri maracle, and soooooooooo many other wicked artists and pals..... I TOTALLY FRICKEN MISS ALL OF YOU ALREADY. DIDNT EVEN WANT TO GO HOME!! Jammin rocked! Such beautiful music, such silly lyrics. But hey, we can't all be ROCKSTARS!! Thank you APMCA's, the award show was tops!! Manito Ahbee staff and volunteers, thank u! You guys n gals did an excellent job. I sure hope to come back next year! Special ups to: Lynnel, Rose, Vince, Errol, and Winnipeg! Oh, and although this was the first year that i wasn't able to take my girls out trick or treatin, i did NOT miss out. I'm sitting here eating their candy right now! lol. PEACE ALL!

New shows Nov.16/17 USA

Check out my calender for new shows in Toppenish, Washington. Yakima Indian territory (If there are other NDN's from this area, i haven't mentioned you because i don't know about you YET!! Please forgive my ignorance). Tribal Jam, here i come!!


Holy cow, there is just so much going on over here in Winnipeg. The Manito Ahbee events ROCK! Lots of ndn people everywhere. Singers, musicians, powwow dancers, artists, speakers AND ALL ARE ABORIGINAL!! YAY!!! People of all colours are here and enjoying all that is being offered. I have hit the ground running and am having a great time. For all of you who voted for me for the APCMA "Best Album Cover" category, thank you very much. The winner was "The Boyz" for their cd ONE MORE. The artwork is phenomenol and they truly deserved to win. Congrats to them, and love to all of you(my peeps) for loving me and supporting me. PEACE!!

APCMA showcase update

Check out my calender, i'll be performing at the Manito Ahbee Music Festival in Winnipeg, MB. Have got some cool new gigs to post also, but will wait til they are solidified. SO KEEP COMIN' BACK!!


Dang it all. I'm so lame. How could i forget to this cool lecture i went to last week at the Thompson Rivers University with guest lecturer, Buffy Sainte-Marie. The presentation by Buffy was excellent. She is a phenomenal speaker and a beautiful woman. I was touched by her humble ways, her awesome sense of sarcastic wit, and her obvious love of First Nations people. She will be releasing a NEW cd pretty soon, so look out for her. (See my links page to check out her website). PEACE everyone!

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2007

Tansi my family. Well, i've solidified my travel arrangements & will be heading out to the Manito Ahbee Festival in Winnipeg, MB on Oct 31st. That's like 5 MORE DAYS! My cd PHOENIX is nominated in the "BEST ALBUM COVER DESIGN" category at the APCMA's. I am grateful for the nomination because it highlights my new cd, but also is promotion for David Seymour. David Seymour is our local and highly talented First Nations artist who graciously created the cover artwork. To contact Dave, call the Kamloops Indian Band at 250-828-9700. Also, i may be performing at the music festival and will post the time and location on my calender when i get the info. That's all for now. PEACE

2007 CANDO conference

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of those supportive and caring brothers and sisters who attended the recent CANDO conference in Kamloops, BC and bought me out of ALL of my cd's!! I had a goal in mind and all of you helped me to exceed that goal. You are beautiful and you have all touched my heart. THANK YOU!!!!!!! A special shoutout to Christina Casmuir for doing an awesome job as the "P.R AUNTY", and also to Geri Collins for allowing me to sing for the people.

Family Bio

Greetings. Thought i'd add a bio for my family, as i'm not the only talented individual in the Palmer/Ignace/Bear/Katcheech/Coutts clan. I come from a family blessed with all kinds of talent. My husband carves (totem poles, canoes, masks, plaques, gravemarkers...), fishes, hunts, makes drums, builds loghomes (stop me..i could go on); my younger brother(who is part of a huge crew called SDS consisting of many youth male&female artists) is a talented producer/rapper/painter/& author; and the rest of my sister,brothers & cousins love to play lahal(a tradional/cultural NDN social game). My parents both work with First Nations languages and culture. My mom can bead and makes awesome mocassins and leatherwork. We do workshops, & performances. For further info: see the bottom of my BIO page.

Sing, Move, & Read

I'm into my 3rd week of a new recording/songwriting project. A cd and research project designed to teach children ages 3-7 reading skills. I am feeling very happy and blessed to be the lead singer, and one of three songwriters. Our last session was such a blast!! I can't wait to share the songs, but the cd won't be ready until Feb/Mar 2008. I am excited to be a part of this project not only because it may influence and stimulate child literacy, but also because some of the songs on the cd will have a First Nations flavour. For further info, see my links page.

New photos

I've put up some new photos, and will be adding a new link shortly. It's a photobucket link that i'm gonna load with pictures of my summer. The singing, my family, fishcamp, etc. Peace everyone!

Summer's almost over...

Sorry for not updating this site, but i've been very busy canning up a storm, and driving back and forth between fish camp and home. But it was worth the effort cuz my family is stocked up with canned goods and salmon!! Smoked, candied, & wind-dried salmon, yummy!! Now its just about time to go hunting: moose & elk. Mmmm, steaks, sausages, pepperoni, hamburger, roasts, and ribs!! And smoked moose meat also... I'm starting to get hungry with all this talk of food, but before i go i just want to let you know that i'll be posting some photos re: my summer and what i've been up to.
I hope you all had a great summer! PEACE!!

Ask and you shall receive...

Thought i'd ask for someone to support my newest cd "Phoenix" by purchasing a copy of it from an online music retailer called: CdBaby.
While i was on tour the album was received in such an awesome way!! The cd's grew legs and wings, ran and flew, and embarked on journeys to various regions in Canada and the U.S. Phoenix has been available to purchase online at CdBaby since i got back from my tour and i just noticed that my online sales are hurting. So i figured i'd ask for someone to go and buy one or to spread the word about my new album to others. Aha!!!!! Anyone can go to CdBaby and leave a review of my PHOENIX album. There are lots of people who don't know about my new cd. But all of you can help me to get my music out there and heard, and i would definately appreciate your help!! So, starting TODAY, please join me in a campaign to promote my new cd PHOENIX. My link to CdBaby can be found on my "Links" page.
Thank you everyone! Yours in peace and solidarity, Fara Palmer


i've got so much stuff to share. Pics, and news and extra links. I'm overwhelmed, so i'll be starting to add stuff slowly. Keep coming back!! My mini tour was so totally awesome!! I've got lots of photos, and memories to share with everyone and i had a great time sharing my new album with the people!

Funding links

Hi all, i'll be adding some funding links to my links page soon. For all you broke-%$$ peeps out there, like me!!, who could use some fundage to facilitate making your dreams realities!! Most of the links are for NDN people, but i'll do my best to add some non-native funding links too. So keep checking out my links page.

Off to the Elders Gathering

As the title says, i'm off to the BC Elders Gathering. Wisdom, experience, knowledge, and great senses of humour is what i'll be surrounded by today! I love my elders and am grateful to have been invited to spend some time with them and also to sing for them tonite too! See my calender page for more info on this event. It's all day long at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre.

Gearing up/winding down...

I just finished doing some gigs and almost lost my voice in the excitement! I'm now in Vancouver and am gearing up for the next shows and interviews. And interestingly enough, i am also winding down from the last couple of days. My little wings are trying to fly in two different directions, silly things!! My next show is a Gala Fashion show at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre. For more info on this, see my calender page.

komasket music festival

komasket was wonderful in a soulful, earthloving, one-world kind of way. I sang, swam, yoga'd, released, got grounded, and felt loved! My global awareness was tickled, and as a result...expanded!! Music of all genres were represented at the festival and all shared a basic theme: AWARENESS. Thank you thomas for inviting me to be a part of komasket, thank you daveki for everything! Thank you to all the people who came up to me and shared their hearts with me!!!! To all the talented artists: you were very inspiring, were wonderfully delightful to listen to, to experience, and to meet. PEACE...

Kamloopa Powwow

Kamloopa rocked!! I had so much fun, saw so many beautiful NDN peoples, and yapped so much that my voice is now raw!! Oops. I sang "Little Girl" for the people and invited my beloved friend and ndn sister Mikayla to join me.I sang, she hand-drummed. We made a great team, and the people loved her!! Also in attendance were SDS, Inez Jasper(of GOLD), Manik 1derful, and many many more talented NDN singers and rappers! I am so impressed with my ndn bro's and sis's. There is so much talent out there. What has made the greatest impact on me though is how things have progressed from when i was their age. Back then, we were all just discovering NDN pride. Alot of us were coming from a LACK of pride in our culture and skin colour, and our elders were working hard to promote the use of positive NDN role models to raise the youth conciousness of abo-self acceptance.
BUT NOW, i see and hear it from almost ALL of the youth: they are so totally NOT ashamed of the colour of their skin, NOR are they UNconsious of their culture, politics, and aboriginality. They have a voice, they share it, and they are proud of their roots!! Evolution, Revolution, Solutions... footprints

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards

Well, looks like i made the deadline and will be a part of this years APCMA's. This is a cool award show, cuz the winners are determined by YOU-the voting public!! Here's how it works:
Online voting begins Aug 13th and the first round of voting closes on Sept 7th. That means you have approximately 24 DAYS to vote for me and for my fellow nominees. (Mostly for me though right?? LOL!!!!)
NOMINEES ANNOUNCED on Sept 13th, 2007 and FINAL round of voting begins. THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED ON Oct. 15th.

I think this award show ROCKS because this is the 1 time when you, my family-friends & fans, get to pick the winners. Each time you vote, you control the outcome!! LIKE YOU GOT DA POWER!! So please go and vote again & again & again for meeeeeeeeee!!!!!
OK, to make it easy, i've posted the link on my links page! Thank u in advance for your support and love!!

Fara's going on tour!!

Hey my friends. I'm heading out tomorrow, Aug 4th, and will be performing at festivals and such through to Aug 14th. See my calender page for my details. Wishing everyone a great summer, your pal fara

Buy "Phoenix" at CDBABY

Yay!!!!! As of 2 minutes ago, my latest release entitled PHOENIX became available to purchase at CDBABY! Order your copy today, and spread the word to all your friends. Check out my "order my cd's" page for the link to CDBABY. All my love 2 every1! I hope you all enjoy my new cd. Take care!

Paypal now added!

As of today, you can now purchase my Phoenix Cd using Paypal!! I think it also takes credit card, but am not totally sure. Check it out, i may have to update again. Ahhh, the challenges of doing it all for yourself and learning by the process of trial and error

CD Ordering info updated

Hi everyone, just wanted you to know that i revamped my "Order My Cd's" page. I think some people were having a difficult time ordering the PHOENIX Cd. All of my CD's can be ordered through ME at ANY time!! All you have to do is email me and let me know which CD you want to order. Then i'll email you back with the purchasing info. All other purchases can be made via CDBaby, iTunes, and select stores near you. For more info, please see my "Order My Cd's" page. Hope this makes it easier for everyone. NOW, go support your independent NDN SISTA by purchasing her newest Cd PHOENIX!! Love you all!! Have a great summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix Cd Lucky WINNERS!

Alright. As promised to the first 10 people to call in during my recent interview with Native America Calling(NAC), they will each be receiving a FREE PHOENIX CD in the mail shortly!! Thank you for participating in the interview, for each of your kind words and questions!! Here is the list of winners: 1) John GrosVenor 2) Carmen Rodriguez 3) Delphina Begay 4) George Aragon 5) Eleanor Smith 6) Fay Eriacho 7) Emma Kiynya 8) Chuch Dotson 9) John Stillan 10) Dana Chandler Congratulations to all of the winners. I hope you all enjoy the new album and share it with your friends & family!!

Squilax and kamloops update

Hope everyone's summer is rocking so far!! I just got back from 2 different performances. At the Squilax Powwow my set was great and the audience was perfect! They danced and i was swarmed by a group of kids, and I absolutely loved it!!!!! Played some lahal and our team was blessed to come 2nd. Man, were we all up late. We didn't get home til 4 am, and then i had to be shaken awake so i could get my crap in gear for another show. The other show was a festival in Kamloops. My set was interesting because i live here in the Kamloops area, and i don't think many non-NDN kamloopians have ever heard of me or my music. Which i think is kind of cool. A new discovery!! I am hoping that with every performance i give, i will be gaining a posse of Fara Music Lovers- extended family. Anyways, there was another local female artist at the show named Suzi Rawn(see my links page for her website info). We swapped Cd's and after i listened to her music i have to say that i was moved! It's rocky and it hurts and it feels good all at the same time. Definately my kind of music!! And on top of her talent, the best part is: she's a nice person too. So, i'm sold and i think everyone should have a listen to her music!! Peace my friends and take care!


The album is in!!!! Everyone can now purchase my newest cd through me or at CDBaby. It'll take about another 1-2 weeks before the cd's are available to purchase at CDBaby. I'm so excited!! I can't wait for everyone to see the CDartwork. I did all the graphics and computer designs for the cd, and a local majorly talented NDN artist named Dave Seymour did the cover artwork. Oh ya, i'm flying with happiness. Hope you get to experience my latest cd. It was a "work of heart"!! Peace y'all, your pal fara

Thanks to Native America Calling!!

All NAC staff, today's interview was awesome. Thank you NAC and all NAC listeners. Thank you callers for sharing such beautiful words and 4 your support!! Please bring me to your community to sing/present workshops/act as a big sista & share knowledge!! If you liked what you heard, spread the word about my new PHOENIX album. Peace all! Fara

Links page UPDATED!!

Your QUEEN of the exclamation mark!!!! brings you LOTS OF LINKS. Coming to a linkspage near you! HAHA. Awright, i've added crazy links, so go check out my linkspage and have a look see. I've just got too many talented bro's & sista's out there. So this is me, showing them MAD LOVE!!!

Interviews and new gigs!!

If winning a free copy of my new album PHOENIX interests you, then check out my calender page for info on upcoming interviews and performance dates!! One of the stations doing an interview with me has a cool perk: The first 10 people to call the station receive a free copy of my new album PHOENIX!!!

FARA seeks band to back her up!!

Call for musicians!! I am currently seeking musicians to form a band. I need a drummer, keyboard player, bass player, 2 guitar players, and 1-2 female backup singers. Musicians/singers in British Columbia preferred, especially those close to Kamloops, BC or Vancouver, BC. Must be 28 years of age or older(some exceptions may apply, but definately have to be over 21), dedicated, and "get" my music!! Especially the new stuff off the PHOENIX album. So do your homework!! Listen to the PHOENIX album located on my music page. Fame is not my goal, nor am i looking to be signed by a major label. I aim to share my gift and songs with as many people as i can!! To affect people in a positive way with my music. I want to make money, but am not in this for the bling or to "blow up". Just want to be booked, sell cd's, make more music, travel, earn a good living, and make a positive impact on this world. If you're down with that & are passionate about music,email me at: Peace and unity, Fara Palmer

Violet Femmes Compilation CD

I have been asked to be part of a female songs compilation cd called Violet Femmes. This is the debut cd, VOLUME 1!! and it is set to be released in the fall. Violet Femmes was created to promote our passionate, strong, and determined sisters in music. Too often we are not heard. Too often great music doesn't get the promotion it requires to get to every listeners ears!! There are so many talented women musicians and singer/songwriters in our neck of the woods who many of you out there have never even heard of. VioletFemmes Volume 1 intends to deal with this issue through promotion and availability. The Cd will be sent out to radio, TV, the print media, the music press and internet media. The cd will also be available for purchase via RPW records online. For more info, you can visit the VIOLET FEMMES myspace page at:, contact Pam at: or visit RPW records at: I'm so happy to be a part of something like this where women get together, support one another, and shine together!!! It is a great example for our children! There are plans for a September concert in Vancouver B.C. featuring artists from the CD and there will also be a Violet Femmes Festival in the summer of 2008. I will let everyone know when this cd is released and keep you all updated on any concert/festival dates. So until then: take care & enjoy!!


It seems that everyone wants to know what the heck i've been up to for the last 6 years. Did I quit singing? Am I ever going to sing professionally again? Have I dropped off the face of the earth? HaHa. The answers are: NO, YES, and SORT OF. And the rest of the story goes.... Shortly after i released my last album titled PRETTYBROWN, i learned i was pregnant with my first child. I very much wanted to have children and start my family, but was told by certain music industry professionals that having children would end my career and that I should wait. My heart told me different, so I made a choice to let go of music for awhile and to focus on home and baby-making. During those years, I gave birth to 4 daughters. I am blessed with women and feel confident that my family bloodline will now continue and that when I become an old lady I will be surrounded by grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren as well. I accumulated many life experiences during my years away from music, some painful and some joyful. All the songs on my newest album PHOENIX, originate from those experiences and from the knowledge derived from them. My greatest wish is to use my songs as a medium to share the lessons I've learned with others, so that they may benefit from them also. I believe that we, each one of us, has the ability and the choice to change ONE thing in this world and one thing only: OURSELVES. Some of the songs on PHOENIX hurt, some are inspirational, and others are self-reflection songs meant to make you laugh. Laughter is a good medicine. I pray that every one of you who listens to my songs will find at least one that you can identify with, and love. I thank you with all of my heart for supporting my music and for co-facilitating my dream to create and share music with the world. In Peace and Unity, Fara Palmer


I should be receiving my first shipment of the PHOENIX album in10 more days!!! Can't wait for it to arrive, so you all can get it, experience it, and enjoy it!! PS: I got to perform songs off the new album for the first time on Aboriginal Day in Vernon. I had a blast, and i tell you, it felt so good to share the new stuff with the people!!!

For Fara FANS

I've posted some info about myself and my life. Sort of an autobiography. It's for those people who keep coming back to my site, and who are my (i'm not used to saying it, but here goes) ...FANS!! Somewhere within my site is an entry especially for you. Hope you find it, and hope you like it. All my love, fara

Happy Aboriginal Day all!!

Well, it's the night before Aboriginal Day and all throught the house, all my children are stirring, and so is my spouse... It's everyones bedtime, and are they going to sleep? NOOOO!! Well, i'll be in Vernon BC tomorrow performing for the Abo day celebrations. I hope everyone has a great day, sends prayers out to all our relations, and remembers all those indians who died fighting for our right to be sovereign and free. For all of my relations who stand up for indian people everywhere, thank you!! Let us remember. Let us think. Let us act. Let us celebrate. All my relations, fara palmer

I WON the "You Pick" contest!!

I am so incredibly over-joyed and excited to announce and share with you that my song "Blah, blah, blah" won the "You Pick The Hits" 97.5 The River radio station online poll. My song was one of three songs people could vote for, and my song won!! They announced it today(Monday 18th) at 5PM, and played my song on air. I want to say thank you, to all of you who voted for me!! My heart is soaring, and i am very grateful!!! I hope this means that my music will be able to reach a wider audience. I pray that a response continues to grow for this song, and that lots of people start calling the radio station requesting to hear it. If anyone wants to make requests, go to: home of Radio Station 97.5 The River and request a song off of my latest CD entitled PHOENIX!! Again I thank everyone for their support of my career and my music!! All my love: Fara Palmer

Watch fara sing on APTN

The 2007 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards will be re-airing on June 21st, in honour of National Aboriginal Day. Tune in to see me sing "To Bring Back Yesterday" the residential school song i wrote for my mother from my second album PRETTYBROWN. I believe the show is re-airing on APTN, but you'll have to double check that. L8R friends, fara

This Is My World CD: Now available!!

My second album has been received and is now ready for sale. There are only 20 CD's left, so if you want it, order it soon! Also, the music for this album is loaded on my music page, with more coming soon. All my love, Fara

Vote for Fara Online ALL WEEK LONG!!

97.5 The River will be playing my song "Blah, blah, blah" from the new PHOENIX album on their radio station as an online "You pick the hit" song request contest. So check out their website at: the week of MONDAY June 11th to Monday June18th and if you like my song- vote for it!!

Festivals & Gigs!!

Check out my calender page, cuz i'm starting to get bookings and that's a beautiful thing!! If i'm in your hood or if you'll be around any of the places i'm performing, or if you just love my music sooooo much that you'd go anywhere to see me sing.....THEN I WELCOME YOU to come and listen to my new music. While we're on the subject, PHOENIX is just being sent to the manufacturers now, so i expect it to be ready to release and be available to purchase by the last week of June or the first week of July. xox Fara


I'm really excited to have been invited to contribute my talents, as a singer&songwriter, to a childrens album. This album is intended to teach kindergarten children to read. The project is called: SING, MOVE, & READ and in 2006 the facilitators of this project recorded a CD. My children, who are aged 5years to 5months, sing along to this CD and the 3 & the 5 year old are learning to sound out words and spell them. The CD is enjoyable to listen to, yes even I sing along!! Due to the impact the songs have had on my girls, I've already been practicing writing some new songs for the 2007 project. Lucky me, i have the target audience in my very own home, 24/7, and i test the songs I write with my children to gauge their reactions. I'm grateful to be a part of something that will not only benefit 3-5 year olds with pre-reading and reading skills, but will also benefit my own daughters. This project starts in September and a finish date of December 2007 is anticipated. I am unsure as to when the CD will be ready for release. (For further information on the SING, MOVE, & READ project, see the links page).

Komasket Music Festival!!

Guess what? I will be performing at the Komasket Music Festival in Vernon, BC (CANADA) on August 5th, which is a Sunday. If you're in the hood, come on out and enjoy a day of fun, sun, and entertainment. I will be just one of the many performers at this festival. YAY, I love singing at festivals. The crowds, the kids, the ambience, the outdoors, the FOOD. HAHA. PLUS, my new album PHOENIX will be available for purchase at the festival. I hope to see you there. Come up, say hi to me, and enjoy the music!!!!! Peace, Fara

5 songs available to download

Greetings all!! I wanted everyone to know that I have made 5 of my songs downloadable. There are 3 songs from the PRETTYBROWN album, and 2 songs from the new PHOENIX album. I will be uploading songs from the THIS IS MY WORLD album soon. All my love and enjoy!!!

CFNR Radio Interview

Listen to CFNR's interview with me TODAY at 6pm(that's British Columbia time!!). You can listen in on CFNR radio, OR online at:, OR on STARCHOICE satellite Channel #851. The interview starts at 6pm on the nose, so don't miss it.

Phoenix production notes

Phoenix Produced by: Fara Palmer and Peter Kilgour of Beat Productions. This album would not sound the way it sounds were it not for two things: One: The blessing of the Creator to allow the music to come through me AND Two: Peter Kilgour. This man is my co-producer, engineer, all-in-one musician(major guitar GOD), musicmixer, musicmasterer, and friend. He invested his time and his heart into this album and his dedication and belief in it shows through in every song!!! Thank you pete!! To contact peter, please visit my links page.

Songwriting & Music

All lyrics, melodies, and vocal arrangements on the Phoenix album by Fara Palmer, except: SCREWED, co-written with Kelsey Coutts. (see links for further info on KC) All music on the Phoenix album composed by Fara Palmer and Peter Kilgour, except: INSIDE OF ME and WHEN THE ONE YOU LOVE DIES, co-composed with Chuck Brickley(see links for further info on CB).

Musicians & Guest appearances on PHOENIX

All guitar ( i so fell in love with guitar during the production of this album, and as fate would have it Peter is a guitar-man. The songs are loaded with guitar parts, and peter ROCKED THEM ALL), drums, keyboards, and bass by Peter Kilgour (Beat Productions), except: GUITAR- Henry Young appears on "Where Can My Man Be?", a soulful, r&b style ballad. His guitar licks are sweeeeeet. Played in a jazzy/old motowny style, Henry adds a new dimension to an already great song. Thank you Henry!! (To contact Henry, see my links page). PIANO/KEYBOARDS: Chris Gestrin shines his light on 4 of the tracks on Phoenix (Little Girl, Poor Me, Where Can My Man Be?, and My Brother). He's got talent, he's got flair, and he's added life to each song. Sassy, playful, and emotional, his contribution is appreciated.(To contact Chris, see my links page). DRUMS: Joe Dimarco brings a live stage-sound to "Where Can My Man Be" and definately enhances the whole composition of the song. Thank you, Joe. (To contact Joe, email me and I'll pass your message along to Joe). VOCAL APPEARANCE BY: SANDY SCOFIELD- Sandy Scofield's deep, imotive vocals appear on "Little Girl", "Poor Me", and "My Brother". Thank you sister for sharing your gift with me, and for contributing to the creation of Phoenix. The songs you sang on sound incredible!!!!!! Also, does everyone know that Sandy has just released a new album? Yeah, baby i got the lowdown on Ms. Scofield(who by the way is currently touring in AFRICA). So go to my links page, and see what's up in Sandy's world!!!! All my Relations Fara

Conferences: workshops/performance bookings

Over the years, I have been invited to many First Nations communities accross Canada and the United States to perform and give workshops at various conferences. (ie. youth conf., women in wellness conf., addictions conf.). I have also participated in school tours, where communities brought me into their territory and set up a schedule for me to visit First Nations schools to talk to and sometimes to perform for the children/youth/post-secondary students about my singing career and the music industry from an Aboriginal perspective. I have often been labelled a 'Role Model", but am not entirely comfortable with the stereotype associated with that slogan. ROLE MODEL: what the hell do i know anyway, I don't have all the answers. Truly, the more i learn, the less i know. Which is good, because then I am still able to learn and to grow. I prefer to think of myself as someone who has accumulated life experiences and has learned some things, of which I am willing to share with others. I have accomplished many of my goals, and continue to strive and work hard to achieve the rest of them. And boy oh boy, do I have some goals. Sometimes people benefit from the wisdom of others, I know that I have. So I give back to my people what was so freely given to me in the hope that if and when they are in need, my words about the things i have learned may come to their aide and help them to find a resolution to whatever it is they are struggling with. I am a certified Lifeskills Facilitator and I'm interested in songwriting workshops, how-to-break-into-the-musicbiz workshops, strengthening our youth to strengthen our future workshops, knowledge as power workshops, reclaiming our culture workshops, education as a tool to achieve our goals workshops. OK BASICALLY anything positive that allows me to participate in and contribute to empowering my beautiful First Nations brothers and sisters. Email me, cuz i'm down for it!!!! I will add some articles regarding reviews or references for past conferences/workshops i have participated in on my PRESS/REVIEWS page. Thank you

Music page updated!!!!

Well, I went ahead and did it. I uploaded the entire PHOENIX album for you all to listen to, plus three songs off of the PRETTYBROWN album. Some songs have lyrics &/or extra info about the songs(ie. how the song came to be created). So have a listen, explore, and enjoy!!!!

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