Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards

Well, looks like i made the deadline and will be a part of this years APCMA's. This is a cool award show, cuz the winners are determined by YOU-the voting public!! Here's how it works:
Online voting begins Aug 13th and the first round of voting closes on Sept 7th. That means you have approximately 24 DAYS to vote for me and for my fellow nominees. (Mostly for me though right?? LOL!!!!)
NOMINEES ANNOUNCED on Sept 13th, 2007 and FINAL round of voting begins. THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED ON Oct. 15th.

I think this award show ROCKS because this is the 1 time when you, my family-friends & fans, get to pick the winners. Each time you vote, you control the outcome!! LIKE YOU GOT DA POWER!! So please go and vote again & again & again for meeeeeeeeee!!!!!
OK, to make it easy, i've posted the link on my links page! Thank u in advance for your support and love!!