APCMA Shoutouts

Just wanted to say "EVERYONE I MISS YOU!!!". Julie, Jason, Leelah, James, Oka, Highway 373, Diggin Roots(Shashona & Raven), the beautiful ndn brother who's name i've lamed out on(but he is a drummer & also is a friend of the talented Mihirungi), alan greyeyes, andrea menard, 7th generation, tamara podemski, rednation, don amero, gabby taylor, lisa odjig, columpa, eagle&hawk, cheri maracle, and soooooooooo many other wicked artists and pals..... I TOTALLY FRICKEN MISS ALL OF YOU ALREADY. DIDNT EVEN WANT TO GO HOME!! Jammin rocked! Such beautiful music, such silly lyrics. But hey, we can't all be ROCKSTARS!! Thank you APMCA's, the award show was tops!! Manito Ahbee staff and volunteers, thank u! You guys n gals did an excellent job. I sure hope to come back next year! Special ups to: Lynnel, Rose, Vince, Errol, and Winnipeg! Oh, and although this was the first year that i wasn't able to take my girls out trick or treatin, i did NOT miss out. I'm sitting here eating their candy right now! lol. PEACE ALL!