Ask and you shall receive...

Thought i'd ask for someone to support my newest cd "Phoenix" by purchasing a copy of it from an online music retailer called: CdBaby.
While i was on tour the album was received in such an awesome way!! The cd's grew legs and wings, ran and flew, and embarked on journeys to various regions in Canada and the U.S. Phoenix has been available to purchase online at CdBaby since i got back from my tour and i just noticed that my online sales are hurting. So i figured i'd ask for someone to go and buy one or to spread the word about my new album to others. Aha!!!!! Anyone can go to CdBaby and leave a review of my PHOENIX album. There are lots of people who don't know about my new cd. But all of you can help me to get my music out there and heard, and i would definately appreciate your help!! So, starting TODAY, please join me in a campaign to promote my new cd PHOENIX. My link to CdBaby can be found on my "Links" page.
Thank you everyone! Yours in peace and solidarity, Fara Palmer