BC 150 Celebrations

Wow, i think the Skeetch community(which is where i live) will want a conference and celebration like this one EVERY year!! The conference was informative, and the audience was receptive. My workshop was well attended, but the best part was that my audience participated! Thank u everyone who was a part of my workshop. The BC 150 Celebrations were awesome! My kids & I danced and were entertained by local and non-local artists. RedNations had us bobbin our heads and shakin our butts, the Chickpeaz were sort of rock-punky with a fresh/original sound, the Kamloops Ole Time Fiddlers featured our own local youth Kayla Draney(don't hate if i spelled your name wrong lil sis) who did a great job fiddlin it up!! I sang a song called "MY BROTHER", which i wrote for my deceased brother Gabriel "Skooks" Palmer, specifically for our community because everyone who's from Skeetch knew and loved my brother. Also, I felt it was time to share the song with my community so we could honour my brothers memory and heal a bit more together using unification & music as the instruments of healing. Rockin R's, well...the name says it all & U DO!! I have to send an apology to George Leach. I wanted to very much to see him perform, but i was just bushed and couldn't stay awake. Sorry bro! I'm sure you rocked it! Thanks u Skeetchestn Indian Band & Ellen Torng for hiring me and for putting on this wonderful communty oriented event!!!!!!