Day 10 Fara's New Cd Fundraiser

Ok!, the fundraising efforts are going wonderfully! People are donating, sharing, getting free songs, spreading the word about my daughters group SisterClan and adding their energy and spiritual imprint on this project. I'm very grateful. xx Keep up the great work everyone, together we are mighty.

There are 4 ways to donate:

1) Join me at IndieGogo, an online fundraising site. There are lots of great perks in exchange for your contributions and more. Check it out at IGG.ME/AT/FARAGOGO

2) Share and make my Indiegogo campaign, FB site, Twitter and Instagram fundraising posts go VIRAL! That'll drive people to my sites and raise my chances of being funded and meeting my funding goal. It'll also result in new fans, new music sales and new performance bookings which could bring me into your town!! xoxoxo 

3) Keep coming back and do it all again until the campaign ends December 21st! 

4) Join my Raffles! I'm hosting 2 raffles. The poster and info for the 50/50 can be found directly below this blog post. The other raffle has 7 prizes. It is called Art, Music & Fashion Raffle. The prize info can be found on my FB page for now until i create the promo poster and share it here on my website.


FUNDING GOAL: $11,000 To record my next full length studio album
RAISED IN 10 DAYS: $2496.00 (between the indiegogo site and 2 personal fundraisers and private donations)

We are doing it! xx