Day 59: Fara's SongBird Cd Fundraiser

I neglected to keep this site in the loop. I indirectly used Twitter. And almost my whole campaign updates centred on using FB, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. 
On FB, i shared daily updates, videos, posts, pics and more! Please go to my home page on this site and click my FB to scroll through and learn of the awesome journey this fundraiser really was!!

The goal was to raise money to record my next full length studio album. Monetary goal was $11,000. I wasn't supposed to fund raise during Christmas time as people save their money for holidays and presents but i bit the bullet and did it anyways. While i haven't reached the target goal, i'm amazed and so very grateful for all the generosity and community support!! Together, and all due to hard work and people shares, donations and love, we've raised almost $6000!!! 

My album is now being recorded and with the money raised, i've also hired a videographer to shoot one music video for me, gorilla vid style and am working with a few producers/artists on 3 songs. I'll go as far as the money can stretch and then hold another fundraiser! Of course, i'll continue to apply for music grants as well but so far for this album, grants are not whats working. What is working is YOU, the people! <3 

I'm loving the sound i'm creating, hearing, receiving! I've been told its a neo-soul vibe. I'm eclectic in my tastes and i'm pretty sure anyone who knows my music will know that it is reflected in my last 3 albums. 

My daughters are still performing as well. Our family act is being so very well received! I feel lucky to be able to sing, be hired to entertain and to perform and travel with my daughters! That was one of the things i was grateful to manage myself for, the ability to hand pick gigs to balance work time and family time. Now my family and i can share this career and sacred gift! Plus the kids are making money and can start putting it away for their futures! Grateful and happy :)

Ok, that's it for now. I'll post pics and vids from recording/songwriting etc sessions so you can stay on this new album journey with me! If ever you feel out of the loop when you visit my website, please head straight over to my main profile on FB or to my music page on FB. I sort of live there. :)

One love beautifuls

Keep following your hearts and work hard to make them dreams a reality!! YOU CAN DO IT!