Happy May everyone! FYI: This is what i'm up too  

1) Day 3 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. My upper legs are a bit sore. I think doing those squats later is going to be a wee bit more tricky/painful than Day 2. Bumm-to-the-ER!

2) Building my streetteam daily. TY to all who are working on my behalf, i can see the results! Don't forget to LIKE me on Facebook and your friends too!

3)SONGWRITING: For my fourth album. I have songwriters block....waiting for it to 'unblock'. BUt i do have a few songs. If you wanna listen to a sneak peak, check out my YOUTUBE vid. I'm singing an a'capella version and its somewhere in the vid. 

3) Working on a Saskatchewan 2014 TOUR. 3 Artists: Performances & Workshops Available. 

4) Fara Music Team Building: Considering sharing the DIY (do it yourself) FP career responsibilities with a) a co-manager b) booking agent c) Videographer or puter tech nerd (<3) d) record company??

5) Touring as part of ISKWEWSINGERS. Our tour dates are here on my GIGS tab.

6) Working on "Best of Fara Palmer....So Far" Digital Download Compilation Album. You can pre-order here Best of & read what its all about!

OK, that's it for now. Have a great day ya'll!