Dreamcatchers Gala 2011

Thank you everyone for contributing and supporting the 2011 Dreamcatchers Fundraising Gala! I had a great time, busy, but great. To the FUNK BROTHERS (old & new generation), i got nothing but respect for your talents and love love love for u! Steven Seagal, band, and Reese (hope i spelled it right): you guys were great to work with, dang talented, and i thank you for letting me participate! It was fun. Emmanuel Lewis, lead singer dude and his beautiful wife!! from Kool and the Gang, Tom Jackson, Wes Studi, Baker Twins, Gil... i enjoyed hanging! My sista's: Leeeeeeeela G, Andrea M, Carmen, Michelle T.... many smooches and great big bear hugs! I had a great time and danced my butt off all nite long. xox