Family Bio

Greetings. Thought i'd add a bio for my family, as i'm not the only talented individual in the Palmer/Ignace/Bear/Katcheech/Coutts clan. I come from a family blessed with all kinds of talent. My husband carves (totem poles, canoes, masks, plaques, gravemarkers...), fishes, hunts, makes drums, builds loghomes (stop me..i could go on); my younger brother(who is part of a huge crew called SDS consisting of many youth male&female artists) is a talented producer/rapper/painter/& author; and the rest of my sister,brothers & cousins love to play lahal(a tradional/cultural NDN social game). My parents both work with First Nations languages and culture. My mom can bead and makes awesome mocassins and leatherwork. We do workshops, & performances. For further info: see the bottom of my BIO page.