FARA seeks band to back her up!!

Call for musicians!! I am currently seeking musicians to form a band. I need a drummer, keyboard player, bass player, 2 guitar players, and 1-2 female backup singers. Musicians/singers in British Columbia preferred, especially those close to Kamloops, BC or Vancouver, BC. Must be 28 years of age or older(some exceptions may apply, but definately have to be over 21), dedicated, and "get" my music!! Especially the new stuff off the PHOENIX album. So do your homework!! Listen to the PHOENIX album located on my music page. Fame is not my goal, nor am i looking to be signed by a major label. I aim to share my gift and songs with as many people as i can!! To affect people in a positive way with my music. I want to make money, but am not in this for the bling or to "blow up". Just want to be booked, sell cd's, make more music, travel, earn a good living, and make a positive impact on this world. If you're down with that & are passionate about music,email me at: theoriginalprettybrown@yahoo.com Peace and unity, Fara Palmer