gigs and blogs

i'm been very lame at posting any gigs, sorry. When i take time off music, i guess i really take time off music. I'm not sure if anyones checking the site anymore, due to my long absence from music again, but i decided to post a couple of gigs that i'm doing this month. I'm STILLLL working on my fourth cd, i know its taking a long time, but the songs are coming together and i look forward to sharing them with all of you. Most of all, i just wanted to share that my favorite part of my website is my GUESTBOOK!!! I'm a sucker for feedback. I just finished reading all of the many posts you beautiful people have taken time to add to my guestbook and i'm sitting here feeling grateful, tingly, loved, supported, and so much more! I thank you all so much for sharing with me, it has truly touched my heart. I'm super grateful that my music has touched yours and affected you all in a variety of different ways. I've always wanted to create music that could make a positive difference, inspire, uplift, bring awareness, and just darn well get people dancin and enjoying themselves. From what i have read on my site, your responses tell me that i am a success! I don't need to be a big pop star, i have what i need and what i want. THANK YOU THANK YOU, and blessings to all of you on this journey called life! Will definately let you know when the new album is ready. all my love, fara