Iqaluit & Alainiat Festival

So i'm back from Baffin Island and the capital of Nunavut, IQALUIT! Was invited to be a part of the Alianait festival and am sad to not be there anymore! I enjoyed being there in Iqaluit, met some beautiful people, and had a great time presenting a workshop on stickgames for the youth. The same youth, by the way, who did a great job picking up the game. To the team captains on both sides, you did a great job in your roles as leaders and i thought you were good examples for your teammates! Thank you for drumming, singing, and making the workshop so fun to present! To all of youth who came to the Youth Concert, i had an awesome time performing for you. I've never sung Prettybrown acapella while the audience clapped out the beat for me. And it sounded so amazing, YOU ALL ROCK!! I would feel very honoured indeed to be invited back to your community again! Maybe next time i'll get to sample the musk-oxen, caribou, seal, cod, and char! I loves me some grassroots cookin'! For all those youth who wanted a free cd, make sure to talk to Amy cuz i have donated a Cd to the youth centre. Download it, make copies of it, ENJOY IT! All my love to everyone i met. Christine, thankx for getting all the kids dancing and for sharing your bouncy friendly supportive energy! Marie, you are a soul sista! Thank you for welcoming me to your community and for being such a great hostess! I loved throat-singing with you. Emily, heather and everyone from ALAINIAT, from my heart to yours, THANK U! I hope to see you again. FP xoxoxox