Kamloopa Powwow

Kamloopa rocked!! I had so much fun, saw so many beautiful NDN peoples, and yapped so much that my voice is now raw!! Oops. I sang "Little Girl" for the people and invited my beloved friend and ndn sister Mikayla to join me.I sang, she hand-drummed. We made a great team, and the people loved her!! Also in attendance were SDS, Inez Jasper(of GOLD), Manik 1derful, and many many more talented NDN singers and rappers! I am so impressed with my ndn bro's and sis's. There is so much talent out there. What has made the greatest impact on me though is how things have progressed from when i was their age. Back then, we were all just discovering NDN pride. Alot of us were coming from a LACK of pride in our culture and skin colour, and our elders were working hard to promote the use of positive NDN role models to raise the youth conciousness of abo-self acceptance.
BUT NOW, i see and hear it from almost ALL of the youth: they are so totally NOT ashamed of the colour of their skin, NOR are they UNconsious of their culture, politics, and aboriginality. They have a voice, they share it, and they are proud of their roots!! Evolution, Revolution, Solutions... footprints