I'm really excited to have been invited to contribute my talents, as a singer&songwriter, to a childrens album. This album is intended to teach kindergarten children to read. The project is called: SING, MOVE, & READ and in 2006 the facilitators of this project recorded a CD. My children, who are aged 5years to 5months, sing along to this CD and the 3 & the 5 year old are learning to sound out words and spell them. The CD is enjoyable to listen to, yes even I sing along!! Due to the impact the songs have had on my girls, I've already been practicing writing some new songs for the 2007 project. Lucky me, i have the target audience in my very own home, 24/7, and i test the songs I write with my children to gauge their reactions. I'm grateful to be a part of something that will not only benefit 3-5 year olds with pre-reading and reading skills, but will also benefit my own daughters. This project starts in September and a finish date of December 2007 is anticipated. I am unsure as to when the CD will be ready for release. (For further information on the SING, MOVE, & READ project, see the links page).