The Los Angeles FAITA Awards are being held tonite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 90210!! Right now actually....and i'm sitting here typing this blog, which means i didn't make it to LA to receive my award in person. Interestingly enough, i'm pontificating and deliberating over the notion that perhaps at this very moment they are announcing my category, my name, and someone is accepting the award on my behalf. And hey...i'm thinking that maybe we should've had one of those pre-taped video feeds. You know, where the announcer says, "Fara Palmer couldn't be here tonite to receive her award, however we do have her on tape. And she had this to say..." and everyone looks at the big tv screen way up on high and they roll the 'fara says thank you' clip. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SUPER COOOOOL! Anyways, that didn't happen...i'm still here in Canada...still grateful for the honour & acknowledgement....hungry....thirsty.....leaving........gone..........xoxoxoxo