May 2013


Had a serious 2 weeks of intermittent sadness due to learning of so many of our youth committing suicide or trying to. I do believe the feelings will manifest into a song for the new album. <sigh> My brain is overwhelmed with all of the work that i want done for the upcoming cd. I think one of the biggest issues for me currently is that i have no funding. And while that's resulting in 'fear and panic' based emotions, on a deeper level i know that i can accomplish ALOT even without cold hard cash! HOW? Taking stock of the resources available to me. Like i know i know people who are skilled and who would be happy to contribute their gifts to helping me achieve my career/cd goals. Its a patience game: both waiting for life to reveal them to me, and me seeking them out.

In the meantime: i should have my "Best of Fara Palmer...So Far" Compilation Album ready for a mid JUNE release! My goals are to use the compilation to fundraise for all upcoming work (video's, recording, mastering, manufacturing, promo, radio, clothing line, etc), to tide you all over til my next full album release (Targeted for a Spring 2014 release), and to spread awareness of my music!

We may be moving from the country into the BIG CITY. Yikes. My girls are getting bigger, i haven't bought diapers for my youngest this month, so she's almost officially DONE with diapers. ALMOST THERE! 

I could still use all the STREETTEAM helpers i can get. So if you have any ideas of how you can help promote FARA PALMER, please share, share, share! I appreciate all of your efforts, your love, your support, your feedback, your pics, posts, vids loaded on youtube and sooooo much more!

Thank you all so much! All my <3 :FP