Musicians & Guest appearances on PHOENIX

All guitar ( i so fell in love with guitar during the production of this album, and as fate would have it Peter is a guitar-man. The songs are loaded with guitar parts, and peter ROCKED THEM ALL), drums, keyboards, and bass by Peter Kilgour (Beat Productions), except: GUITAR- Henry Young appears on "Where Can My Man Be?", a soulful, r&b style ballad. His guitar licks are sweeeeeet. Played in a jazzy/old motowny style, Henry adds a new dimension to an already great song. Thank you Henry!! (To contact Henry, see my links page). PIANO/KEYBOARDS: Chris Gestrin shines his light on 4 of the tracks on Phoenix (Little Girl, Poor Me, Where Can My Man Be?, and My Brother). He's got talent, he's got flair, and he's added life to each song. Sassy, playful, and emotional, his contribution is appreciated.(To contact Chris, see my links page). DRUMS: Joe Dimarco brings a live stage-sound to "Where Can My Man Be" and definately enhances the whole composition of the song. Thank you, Joe. (To contact Joe, email me and I'll pass your message along to Joe). VOCAL APPEARANCE BY: SANDY SCOFIELD- Sandy Scofield's deep, imotive vocals appear on "Little Girl", "Poor Me", and "My Brother". Thank you sister for sharing your gift with me, and for contributing to the creation of Phoenix. The songs you sang on sound incredible!!!!!! Also, does everyone know that Sandy has just released a new album? Yeah, baby i got the lowdown on Ms. Scofield(who by the way is currently touring in AFRICA). So go to my links page, and see what's up in Sandy's world!!!! All my Relations Fara