My Birthday & X-mas Wishes

Greetings and how are ya's. I am taking this extra special time to let you in on a little secret. My birthday is coming up in 4 days (nov 16th), and i figured i'd just straight out ask for what i want. So here goes: 1) Go online to and purchase your copy of my new cd PHOENIX 2) While at my cdbaby page, please scroll wayyyyyy down to the bottom of the page and leave me a kick-butt review!! 3) Tell all your friends, family, and internet connections about me and my music! Help to get my music heard. 4) Close your eyes and send your love my way. Then picture me sending my love back to you! Ok, that's it. You know, christmas is also right around the corner too. Maybe my request could also cover x-mas. And wouldn't my new cd make a great x-mas present?? Huh?? Thanks for your support, i need more pals like you!! In peace, unity & a whole lotta love xoxoxoxo Fara Palmer