November 2013 Updates

Hmmm....i realize i often ignore this site. I guess its understandable why i do that. I've got 5 children under the age of 13 and they keep me busy.....but not too busy to FB, Twitter and Instagram! lol. So, if you follow me there more than here, i totes understand!

A quick update then: I moved to the big city after 14 years or so of living in the country. I am now surrounded by musicians, studio's, songwriters, producers, singers, etc! I am grateful. Due to that, i've been meeting with other songwriters, producers, and engineers and slowly but surely, the songs for the new album are being written! Special thanks to Peter Kilgour, Dave Pickell and Jeff Dawson. Looking forward to collabing with a few sensational artists i have much respect for! And bonus...they live in Vancouver! Yay me!! 

I've also met with artist rep interest, but the question of the day is: "Am i the kind of artist who can make money in this business and also have a successful career?". Do i have a fanbase? Is it large enough to sustain my music career both economically and most importantly, through thick and thin?

I have faith, in both my supporters and my gift. I hope to find a way to make others see my potential as well! Life is a treasure, all of it. We are most blessed when we appreciate what we have, when we strive for what we want and achieve it, and when having achieved it, are satisfied! 

I did a photoshoot with Nadya Kwandibens of Red Works Studio recently. If you don't know who she is, check her out on FB and twitter. She is a true photo artista! The main photo you see here is her work. xx Nads!!

Ok, that's it for now. In love, light and harmony: FP