November 2015 Fara Palmer Update

Hello music lovers! Today i'm excited. Excited to be creating music, songs, and lyrics. Excited to simply love singing. I know many of you love singing and music too! Regardless of your age or background, if the music bug lives in you then feed it!! Music can be a great source of healing, growth and just pure bliss. xx

I'm nowhere nearer to releasing my album. LOL. I'm working on a plan to have it ready for release by March 2016. Please cross your fingers and toes and pray for me so this can happen. I'll be creating a cd fundraising campaign and it should be up and running by Nov. 12th.

I've written some lovely songs so far and will preview some of them via my fundraising campaign on IndieGogo November 12th, 2015. If you'd like to join my campaign, please let me know via my guestbook, email or my FB page. 

Much love you all,
Fara Palmer

PS: I invite you to visit my guestbook. If you've seen me perform or have heard my music, i'm looking for fans reviews. Thanks in advance for your love and support! ;)