November 2015 SisterClan Update

November music journey update:

My daughters group SisterCLan officially formed in June. Thanks to our FB family & friends social networking support, we've had 16 bookings so far!!  This month we'll be singing on the 12th for N'Quatqua First Nations near Pemberton, BC. And we have one booking in December too (see GIGS).

The girls are touching the hearts of our elders and youth. Many of the songs have an inspiring effect, but one stands out in particular and that is the AIM (Unity) song. I've been very honoured to witness and share in the audience reactions! As a mother, i'm very proud of the girls. My eyes fill with tears and gratitude when i see them sing. Its not just their talent and personalities which are awesome, but its the fact that they are young, they are singing cultural songs, they are singing in our language for some of the songs, and they are the proof that our culture lives on and that there is still hope for a better future. THIS is what is so very very sacred and healing! <3

Our house has always been a singing one. As a professional recording artist, my girls have watched me perform many times, both live and for television. They've absorbed this performing knowledge and it's coming in handy for their group shows. One thing the girls are all noticing is how different performing is when it's for fun and when it's a job.