Okimaw Drums by Jay Coutts

I want to share the news about my husband, Jay Coutts and his new website: Okimawdrums.com The site is under construction right now and i'll continue to add new info daily! Jay is a very talented drum-maker, currently has drums for sale, and also can make a drum just for you! Okimaw Drums is a grassroots effort. What we mean by that is, Okimaw Drums is the work of ONE artist: Jay!! We are not into mass-drummaking and as such, Jay puts his heart and soul into each drum he creates. The end result is a drum that looks great, sounds great, and is durable. If you love drums the way our family loves drums, we invite you to visit OKIMAWDRUMS.COM! Make an order, or simply tell us how much you dig our drums by signing our guestbook! We appreciate your support and hope you will help to spread the word. Thanx from the Coutts/Palmer Clan