Quick July Updates

Hey all, there's a bunch of stuff going on and i'll make time to come back and explain in detail. For now, i'll tell you that i'm still in the studio recording this new album. I'm almost out of funds, down to the last $500 bucks but i'm hustling to raise money to complete the album. I've entered a cover song contest here in Vancouver too! 1st Prize is $5000 and 2nd Prize is $1000. I did a cover of John Lennon's Imagine <3 which you can view on my FB Profile. 

My 2 Raffles are still ongoing, so get tix today. All proceeds go towards the making of my new album SongBird. As well, i hope to have more merch to offer soon. I've almost finished editing the music video that goes along with the title track of the album. I've created a video concept for another of my songs called MAYBE and am currently in talks with a Suicide Prevention producer/actress! Stoked for that.

Hmmm....what else? I recently sang back up vocals for my fave twins, Dani and Lizzy, for their acoustic version of their smash hit 'Dancing In The Sky'! The performance was actually live streamed at 604 Records and then recorded for a later video release, date TBA! So stay tuned. 

I'm performing alot with my daughters group SisterClan and we are writing songs for their first ever EP! Sigh. 

I'd like to say thank you so much to each and every one of you who've supported my career and the new album i'm creating! Thx for your funding, shares, comments, support, social media networking, well wishes and love! The songs on the album are really awesome so far! I've shared one song as an album song sneak peak. It can be heard/viewed on my main profile page here on my website. There's a widget on the right hand side. Hope you enjoy. 

K, that's it for now. One love. 
In love and light,
Fara xx