Sept 2015 update

Blessings everyone :) 

Since last i posted i've been on a great journey! One of life, family, children, music and growth. 

I was in a rush to write and record a 4th cd but i've come to accept that this ones got a time of its own and it is needed. In letting go, i've written a bunch of new songs and feel i am getting closer to the sound of songs i want for this new album.

I also had joined a womens traditional cree group called Iskwewsingers. Together, we wrote and recorded 1 cd called Ninikamawinan, in which my mother, speaking in cree, is featured on the title track. All of the sisters of Iskwewsingers travelled and performed across Canada and into Mexico and it was great!!! I love Iskwewsingers and am grateful to have been a part of this group. It is a group which seems to invite many sisters to join and i feel like it has its own spirit that does the inviting and so forth. <3 

I left Iskwewsingers in the springtime and took a breather from music, kept songwriting and hanging with my family. One day a girlfriend came over and asked me why i didn't just start a group with my daughters since they all sang and loved music like me. Its funny because i'm pretty sure that the universe was sending me hints for awhile about this, starting 4 years ago! Anyhoo, i'm slow, but i finally 'got it' and talked to my kids about creating a performing group with them. 

All my sweet girls loved the idea and SISTERCLAN was born!! For the last 4 months we've been doing professional shows in BC and are currently writing one original song for the group. We hope to have it ready to sing for a gig we have coming up in late September. SisterClan info and bio can be found on this site under the SisterClan tab.

For my own music, i've been performing here and there. I'm still songwriting and have hit a few different studios, both for recording and co-songwriting purposes. I've had a bunch of offers for studio time and creative exchanges and i'm letting spirit guide me. I'm also slowllllllly pre-recording my song ideas into garage band in the attempt to create a more 'me' musical arrangement to go along with my melodies and lyrics. 

I've been recording my vocals for others projects (which i LOVE) and may be doing something for film soon. I'll continue to plug at my new album and to promote our new act.

The girls have a couple more days of summer freedom left and then its back to school. This year my 5 year old breaks the mold and goes into kindergarden! She'll be the only daughter, except for the eldest willow, who actually attended kindergarden. The others were homeschooled. Anyhoo, all of the four younger girls will be going to school together and their big sister willow will be going to high school across the street!!! SUPER SWEET!

We've got some upcoming gigs you'll find on our GIG tab and hope to see you there! Our youtube sites, both mine and SisterClan are being paid more attention (cheeeee.......dangit....actually, mostly the SisterClan YouTube site is getting attention. lol) and you'll find new vids there.

Ok, i'm sure i missed stuff, but thats ok, gives me another reason to come back here and post more.

You can stay up to date on whats going on in mine and SisterClans musical journey best by toggling between this website, our Facebook pages, twitter, and Instagramma!! The girls are only on here, YouTube, and Facebook. :)

Much love to all and we hope you had the bestest summer!!

Fara Palmer & SisterClan