Series of Fortunate Events

Had a wicked cool day! Random events kept happening to me that wound up not being random at all! Like i locked my keys in my truck and a husband & wife asked if i needed help. While the husband(who said he used to have alot of experience breaking into vehicles. lol) manipulated a wire hanger with the utmost attention, his wife and i got to talking. She noticed my cd's sitting on the hood of my truck and the lo and lo of it, is that she wound up buying my cd!! So, i made $20. bucks, got my truck broken into, got my keys back and potentially made a couple of more Fara music lovers!! Then i found out that i had a parking ticket, so i went to City Hall to pay it(if you pay the same day, the fee is drastically reduced!). Once at City Hall, i paid the fine and guess who i ran into?? The mayor of Kamloops. Welllllllll, i'd been wanting to let my local town know that one of theirs had recieved a JUNO nomination. I gave the mayor my Phoenix cd, a performance video, my card, and some promotional materials. Now we'll see if the City of Kamloops is proud & supportive of the local talent. Guess i should have contacted the Mayor sooner.....MY BAD!!! lol. Peace all xox OH YA, forgot to add that i'm off to Warmsprings, Oregon tomorrow for a speaking engagement (listed on my calender). And a HUGE shoutout of thanks to those of you who are repping my new cd PHOENIX and telling everyone you know about it. It's paying off!! My sales!!! Thank u, thank u. Keep up the great work!! All my love, Fara Palmer