Squilax and kamloops update

Hope everyone's summer is rocking so far!! I just got back from 2 different performances. At the Squilax Powwow my set was great and the audience was perfect! They danced and i was swarmed by a group of kids, and I absolutely loved it!!!!! Played some lahal and our team was blessed to come 2nd. Man, were we all up late. We didn't get home til 4 am, and then i had to be shaken awake so i could get my crap in gear for another show. The other show was a festival in Kamloops. My set was interesting because i live here in the Kamloops area, and i don't think many non-NDN kamloopians have ever heard of me or my music. Which i think is kind of cool. A new discovery!! I am hoping that with every performance i give, i will be gaining a posse of Fara Music Lovers- extended family. Anyways, there was another local female artist at the show named Suzi Rawn(see my links page for her website info). We swapped Cd's and after i listened to her music i have to say that i was moved! It's rocky and it hurts and it feels good all at the same time. Definately my kind of music!! And on top of her talent, the best part is: she's a nice person too. So, i'm sold and i think everyone should have a listen to her music!! Peace my friends and take care!