Many blessings to all of you! We're getting nearer to 2015!! My oldest daughter is a newbie high-schooler ( #innerwahhhh, #babygrowinup) and my other lovelies are enjoying elementary. Some of them intend on trying out for The Next Star next May!! 

As for me......i've come to believe that timing is important. There's my time and then there's THE TIME. Well, i wanted my 4th album to be done by now. Wanted to return to music full-time a few years ago. Wanted, wanted, wanted! However, there was a but.....

That but has led and is still leading me. I fully believe my album is ready to be created now. I've written a number of songs and am currently in the process of figuring out which songs to select for the album. I'm also searching for creative soul/rnb/beat creators to collab with. I've got an idea of the sound i want and believe if i locate my playa's (songwriters, beatmakers, djs, etc) MY TEAM?!!, that 'that something' i'm searching for will help me write and record something special for you all to enjoy.

I'd hoped for help along the way. I have to admit i was kind of an 'all over the place' basket case for a minute. Pretty sure it was me being confused and having a difficult time trying to figure out my 'sound'. Still not sure of it, but i do love to sing so i've decided to keep it simple. To write and record music that i feel good singing. I want to grab you with my voice, my lyrics, my soul, my intent, and my love. It will be awesome to experience the rest of album creation process as it unfolds and i know i suck at updating this website but that just means i'm probably posting the crap out of facebook, twitter and instagram instead. (check me out there k :)! )

Anyhoo, at some point i'll be doing an Indiegogo cd fundraiser. If you are interested, please spread the word and join my email as i'll be sending out a group email with links to the fundraiser when its up and running! 

I hope all you aspiring singers out there are tuning into this years THE VOICE!! Its rad. I get teary eyed when i see chairs turn for our brother and sister singers and i'm on my couch like 'YOU GO GIRL' or 'BRING IT BOO' (for the bro's)!!! 

K, that's it for now! iN love and light: