The SALMON have arrived!

Yay, today we had our first salmon-of-the-year feast. Which means that the salmon are running. We're setting up camp and getting prepared to start smoking, candying, wind-drying, and canning our fish!! This is the time of season where i tighten up a bit, build some muscles, teach my children how to harvest off the land, pick wild mints down by the river, swim like a fish in the cold river water, and simply put: ENJOY a cultural way of life!!! We are also fortunate to know other families who are organic farming families/traders, so we like to make trades for other great items that stock our pantry like organic vegetables, fruits, sea salt, etc. Trading ROCKS!!! MY SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!! My hubby has been out in the community supplying our elders with salmon he caught in the last couple of days and the twinkle in their eyes and lightness of their smiles was a gift to see!!