Todays blurps

MUSIC: Have hit a songwriting sandbar for the moment. Grrr & frustrating, though i know i ought to relax bcuz the 'flow' will return. Ok, note to self: breathe, relax....ahhhhhhh. I'm experimenting with sound for the upcoming album and as usual, have mixed genres in a hearty Fara Palmer song soup kinda way! SONG SOUP,  i like that.

WORKSHOP: I'm brainstorming a new WORKSHOP, thinking of titling it "Finding the Joy in Being Me". I'm astonished and saddened that many of the social/self issues i experienced as an adolescent are the same experiences of countless female youth & adult alike in the present. In this way, times really haven't changed all that much. I see my own daughters dealing with acceptance and self worth/image issues, despite the things i have taught them. Navigation through truth & social deceptions at the very moment they occur would be helpful. To shine a light on BS when it happens and to acknowledge it as such releases the female from buying into someone elses perception of them. A moment of self truth can be all it takes to let that 'bullying', 'emotional insult', 'putdown' etc to be recognized as the lie or manipulation it is, and to then easily let it roll off your back like oil on wet and continue on walking in the shoes of joyful self truth and acceptance. I still struggle with this myself, which indicates i've still got some issues to deal with and makes me more passionate about advocating for positive female wellness!

FAN-TASTIC: Am coming up with fun stuff, like free prizes, #1 Fan of the Month contests, sneak peaks of song drafts for the new album, & soooo much more. Will send out info to those on my email list and post on this site! Keep comin' back..... 

I look forward to touring again and with the new album due out in 2014, i hope to be putting your town on my GIG calender!! So if you want me in your town, pull some strings/ tell the people who can make it happen about me! xox

ONE love all: Fara