It seems that everyone wants to know what the heck i've been up to for the last 6 years. Did I quit singing? Am I ever going to sing professionally again? Have I dropped off the face of the earth? HaHa. The answers are: NO, YES, and SORT OF. And the rest of the story goes.... Shortly after i released my last album titled PRETTYBROWN, i learned i was pregnant with my first child. I very much wanted to have children and start my family, but was told by certain music industry professionals that having children would end my career and that I should wait. My heart told me different, so I made a choice to let go of music for awhile and to focus on home and baby-making. During those years, I gave birth to 4 daughters. I am blessed with women and feel confident that my family bloodline will now continue and that when I become an old lady I will be surrounded by grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren as well. I accumulated many life experiences during my years away from music, some painful and some joyful. All the songs on my newest album PHOENIX, originate from those experiences and from the knowledge derived from them. My greatest wish is to use my songs as a medium to share the lessons I've learned with others, so that they may benefit from them also. I believe that we, each one of us, has the ability and the choice to change ONE thing in this world and one thing only: OURSELVES. Some of the songs on PHOENIX hurt, some are inspirational, and others are self-reflection songs meant to make you laugh. Laughter is a good medicine. I pray that every one of you who listens to my songs will find at least one that you can identify with, and love. I thank you with all of my heart for supporting my music and for co-facilitating my dream to create and share music with the world. In Peace and Unity, Fara Palmer