Yakama Nation Shoutouts

To all the brothers & sisters of the Yakama Nation, Toppenish, and Tribal Jam: I felt so welcome in your territory. You were all so respectful, kind, supportive, super-friendly, and cool! Thank you for making my stay one to remember. Special shoutouts to: The youth: the boys & girls who got up and hand-drummed and sang me a happy birthday song, thank you! You rocked it! Keep on being NDN youth to be proud of. You represent our people, our future, our culture. Your voices were beautiful!!!!!!!!! Roberta, your sweet, and i'm glad to have met you. All the sis's & bro's who came up and said hello, took pics, and got to know me: thank u and stay in touch. Beautiful Yaka-mama, i miss u girl! Leon: the brother who made it possible for me to come to Tribal Jam and Yakama territory. I am blessed and grateful. May you and your wife have a blessed walk together! All the entertainers & friends i made: I LOVE YOU ALL & respect your gifts. Randy Wood: your voice moves me and i feel at peace. Thank u for the birthday song. A friendship round dance in a bar, ever heard of that b4? To every1 who made time to acknowledge my b-day thru songs, gifts, shoutouts: i am soaring, thank u! Love is good medicine. Elders who i met, thank you for your gifts and words you shared with me. Ryan, Reggie, Roy and Yakama Nation Radio: big ups and thank u 4 showing me the luv!!! To any name & person i didn't mention( i suck with names), but whose face is engraved in my heart, thank u for sharing your life with me! The Yakama Nation Gift shop, thank you 4 carrying my music and 4 supporting my career! From my heart to yours everyone, thank you!