NLUA (Never Liked You Anyway)

by Fara Palmer

Released 2017
Released 2017
Fara mixes the best of popular music and adds a dash of punk rock to create a fun, high energy stand up for yourself anthem.
Fara Palmer is a pop-rnb-soul inspired singer/songwriter and full time mother of five beautiful daughters. A lady with a big heart and big vocals, you'll find Fara's music rooted in pop/rnb but also very eclectic as she likes to incorporate styles and sounds from other of her favourite genres. Hailing from First Nations territories in lands they call Canada, this singer focuses songwriting attention on both empowerment based music and also music that shares her culture. Fara Palmer is one of those rare artists whose music appeals to all age groups, as her content can swing between hard hitting, truthful, medicine style songs and silly, young at heart cray cray songs! Ms. Palmer has released 4 albums to date. SongBird will be her fifth.