by Fara Palmer

Released 2018
Released 2018
Combine soul, doowop, rnb and pop...add a touch of indigenous content, then stir with truth and inspiration and that's basically my new SongBird Album!
My music is steeped in love, honesty and empowerment. It's music style draws upon my love of rnb, soul, pop, jazz et al. My hope is that for every song on the album there will be a human being who is able to connect and take what they need from it. This new album is a direct result of communal co-creation via crowdfunding and i am deeply grateful for each and every contribution made! The creation process of the SongBird album was inspirational, challenging, lengthy and i wouldn't change a moment of it. Featured artists are Belladonna, Emotionz, Carlos Arias and Gillian Thompson. Love to all and enjoy. Please share and help me get these songs to the world! xo