December GoodyBag

I released the first single off my upcoming album Nov 16th! The single is the title track of my new album called SONGBIRD. Two days ago the Official Music Video was released on YouTube, now to get it to MUCH MUSIC. I've been hustling, music creating, studio recording, doing workshops, and still getting my 5 daughters to and from school and such. I love being a mom.

Currently, i'm working on the marketing info and video for the next single. Going to release a few singles before the full length album is available for sale in Spring 2017. Til then, i have a raffle going on. It was called FARA'S Raffles Gone Wild Fundraising Raffle but now i've changed the concept a bit and made it funner! It's now called Fara's 12 Days of Xmas Fundraising Raffle. The first prize will be drawn on Dec 10th, and then every day after there will be a draw a day until all 12 prizes are gone! So fun.

I may ask for help and ideas from the fans on a video concept or video footage for one of the singles that will be released shortly. I'll keep you posted. If you are interested, make sure to join my mailing list or simply let me know via email, FB inbox, my guestbook, or my Twitter. Please watch my new music video for SongBird and share it with your loved ones! It features a cast of incredible SongBird artists, DJ's, dancers, actors and more! 

Thanks for your love and support. 
One Love,

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