Sept 2016

The SongBird album is experiencing a wee lull in the recording department. I'm still fundraising though and awaiting a few cheques in the mail. I've recorded another music video for the album for the song RECLAMATION. You can view the video teaser on my homepage. The Art, Music & Fashion Fundraising Raffle will be drawn in a LIVE YOUTUBE EVENT on SEPT 30th 6PM PST (BC CANADA TIME). There are many great prizes. For more info, visit my Fundraiser page.

I've been busy writing, getting my daughters in back to school mode, booking new gigs, songwriting, video editing and fundraising. I also recently sang as a back up singer in Dani & Lizzy's Acoustic Version of their hit song Dancing In The Sky! Not sure when the acoustic video will be released but i'd go check out their website, the 604 Records website or their YouTube page for details.

Ummmmm....i just want to give a super shout out to Hannah Leona of Hannah C Productions!! She is the videographer based out of Vancouver BC who has created videos for two songs off the upcoming SONGBIRD album. Stoked to be able to share the music, the vids and the merch with you when the album drops in 2017!! 

Ok, thats it for now. Make sure to add me on Twitter, FB and Instagram as i post on those 3 sites the most! 
One love, live well, love hard, and follow your passions! 

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