Updates: February

Hi loved ones! All my daily updates etc are best found on my FB profile, FB music page, my Twitter or Instagram!! And lastly, here. Sorry about that! I find it super easy to add a post to FB and…


Day 59: Fara's SongBird Cd Fundraiser

I neglected to keep this site in the loop. I indirectly used Twitter. And almost my whole campaign updates centred on using FB, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. 
On FB, i shared daily updates, videos, posts, pics and more! Please go…


Day 10 Fara's New Cd Fundraiser

Ok!, the fundraising efforts are going wonderfully! People are donating, sharing, getting free songs, spreading the word about my daughters group SisterClan and adding their energy and spiritual imprint on this project. I'm very grateful. xx Keep up the great…

50/50 CD Fundraising Raffle

I'm working to raise money to record a new cd. I have a cd fundraiser on IndieGogo ( IGG.ME/AT/INDIEGOGO ) with lots of awesome perks and i'm hosting 2 RAFFLES!! A 50/50 & an Art, Music & Fashion Raffle.



November 2015 Fara Palmer Update

Hello music lovers! Today i'm excited. Excited to be creating music, songs, and lyrics. Excited to simply love singing. I know many of you love singing and music too! Regardless of your age or background, if the music bug lives…


November 2015 SisterClan Update

November music journey update:

My daughters group SisterCLan officially formed in June. Thanks to our FB family & friends social networking support, we've had 16 bookings so far!!  This month we'll be singing on the 12th for N'Quatqua First Nations…


Sept 2015 update

Blessings everyone :) 

Since last i posted i've been on a great journey! One of life, family, children, music and growth. 

I was in a rush to write and record a 4th cd but i've come to accept that this…


Iskwewsingers nominated for DEBUT GROUP OF THE YEAR

Holy Crow Dogs!!! I just discovered that Iskwew Singers has been nominated for the 2014 Native American Music Awards!! And alongside some pretty talented artists too!  
DEBUT GROUP OR DUO OF THE YEAR!! Congrats all nominees!


Many blessings to all of you! We're getting nearer to 2015!! My oldest daughter is a newbie high-schooler ( #innerwahhhh, #babygrowinup) and my other lovelies are enjoying elementary. Some of them intend on trying out for The Next Star next…

November 2013 Updates

Hmmm....i realize i often ignore this site. I guess its understandable why i do that. I've got 5 children under the age of 13 and they keep me busy.....but not too busy to FB, Twitter and Instagram! lol. So, if…

May 2013


Had a serious 2 weeks of intermittent sadness due to learning of so many of our youth committing suicide or trying to. I do believe the feelings will manifest into a song for the new album. <sigh> My brain is…


Happy May everyone! FYI: This is what i'm up too  

1) Day 3 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. My upper legs are a bit sore. I think doing those squats later is going to be a wee bit more…