Fara Palmer

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Pop Eclectica: music that is pop-based with a folk/rock/r&b/dance twist. An experience-based emotional roller-coaster ride of sound, discover the highs and lows of Phoenix for yourself.

Fara Palmer is a DIY(Do-it-yourself) Pop/R&B Artist & multi-award winning singer, songwriter, & guest-speaker. Born in Saskatchewan, but raised in

Pop Eclectica: music that is pop-based with a folk/rock/r&b/dance twist. An experience-based emotional roller-coaster ride of sound, discover the highs and lows of Phoenix for yourself.

Fara Palmer is a DIY(Do-it-yourself) Pop/R&B Artist & multi-award winning singer, songwriter, & guest-speaker. Born in Saskatchewan, but raised in British Columbia, this talented woman of Cree/Saulteaux/& European descent got her first taste of 'stage life' when, at the age of 12, she sang at an outdoor concert alongside artists such as: Buffy Ste. Marie, Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman, Morley Loon & Winstun Wuttinee. Since then she has emerged as a powerhouse vocalist, a heart and soul inspired songwriter, and multi-award winning chantuese

Her first two albums entitled "This Is My World" and "Prettybrown" were nominated for Canadian Juno Awards, as well as for Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and went on to win in categories of "Best Song Of The Year" and "Female Artist Of The Year" at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. One of her songs on the Prettybrown album, "I'll make it up to you", placed in the top ten for the worldwide John Lennon Songwriting contest in the category of R&B. A number of her songs have also been placed in movies, television series, theatre productions, and made for TV special movie presentations.

Fara has performed for audiences across North America and has shared the stage with artists such as: Buffy Ste. Marie, Shania Twain, Sarah McLoughlin, Jann Arden, Ray Charles, Chantal Krevuisit, Charlie Byrd, George Leach and many others. She has sung national anthems to open games for the NBA, WWF, NAIG and the National Soccer League. Fara has been a prominent entertainer on the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards and has performed on several different shows over the last 12 years. She says her favorite NAAA appearance was the 2007 show where she sang “To Bring Back Yesterday”, a song she wrote about her mothers’ experiences at residential school.

Ms. Palmer believes in supporting community and culturally oriented initiatives, and therefore has participated in and/or volunteered her time and talents to many different events. To name a few:

*Children Of The World recording project featuring singers Susan Aglukard, Shingoose, Willy Dunn & others. A video was made with the purpose of encouraging Native youths to be proud of their Aboriginal heritage and to stay in school.

*2007 & 2008 BC Elders Gathering. Fara was honoured to volunteer her time to entertain her First Nations elders. 2007 BCEG was held in Vancouver, BC and the 2008 BCEG in Prince Rupert, BC. Fara states that she feels priveledged to be in the presence of so many teachers and keepers of Aboriginal cultural knowledge. She loves to spend time with her elders, sharing and learning and understands that while she may be volunteering her time to perform for the elders, she is also receiving the benefits of the elders’ wisdom, teachings, knowledge, and guidance in return. Ms. Palmer intends to continue to perform for her elders and wants to make the BC Elders Gathering an annual tradition.

*Sing, Move, & Read featuring Fara Palmer. This children’s music cd is intended to teach Aboriginal students between the ages of 3-7 basic reading skills. The cd combines Aboriginal musical influences(ie: drumgroup, flute, native chanting/singing) with contemporary sound-styles. Music, rhyming patterns, and movement are combined to create an easy format for children to learn the basics of reading. The cd has been piloted in elementary schools and is accompanied by a teachers manual. Besides being the lead vocalist on the project, Fara also contributed her songwriting skills and was one of the three main songwriters. For further info, visit:

In 2000/01 she appeared on the Juno Awards as a presentor for "Best Country Female Vocalist"- an honour that went to Shania Twain, co-hosted the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards with Derek Miller, shot her 3rd music video for the 'Prettybrown' cd, appeared on numerous nationally televised music and entertainment specials, presented workshops, promoted and toured her second album "Prettybrown", and learned she was pregnant with her first child. Upon discovering she was about to become a mother, Fara took some time off of her career to raise a family.

In the summer of 2007 Fara Palmer resurfaced with a new album entitled "Phoenix". While recording her new cd, Fara chose to do something a little different from her previous two albums. A free spirit by nature, she came to the conclusion that she would NOT decide on a specific "sound" or genre for the cd, but instead would let the music be determined by the songs themselves. The artistic freedom of allowing the lyrical content to dictate the musical arrangement/sound created quite an eclectic cd. Delving fearlessly into social/personal issues that are a part of today's reality, Fara uses her voice and her lyrics as a catalyst for positive change, as a tool to promote self-awareness, and as a means of educating and sharing with the public her First Nations culture and history.

She dedicates this new album to her brother Gabriel, who was murdered in 2002 and chose to call the album Phoenix because of the symbolic nature of the Phoenix bird. When a Phoenix dies, it is engulfed in flames and is reborn through its ashes. Fara relates the grieving, recovering, and healing process that she and her family went through to the life cycle of the Phoenix. In a way, her family has risen from the ashes of the loss of their beloved Gabriel, and been reborn. And after a 6 and a half year break from music, some are saying it’s a rebirth of a career for Fara also.

So far in 2008 Ms. Palmer has received the following music industry nominations for her Phoenix cd:

2008 Juno Awards (CAN) “Aboriginal Recording of the Year” 2008 FAITA Awards (USA) “Outstanding Musical Achievement in a Contemporary Field” 2008 WCMA Awards (CAN) “Outstanding Aboriginal Recording” 2008 ISMA Awards (USA) “Best Pop Recording” 2008 APCMA Awards (CAN) “Best Producer/Engineer” 2008 NAMMY Awards (USA) “Female Artist Of The Year”, “Best Pop Artist” 2008 CAMA Awards (CAN) “Best Female Artist”, “Best Songwriter”, “Best Producer/Engineer” 2008 Saskatchewan First Nations Awards (CAN) “Arts & Entertainment”

Since the release of “Phoenix”, Fara has been involved in a number of other recording projects and her vocals and songwriting talents can be heard on the following cd’s:

*Sing, Move, & Read with Fara Palmer (a children’s album intended to teach reading skills to kids aged 3-7.
This cd incorporates Aboriginal music & sound in a contemporary format and comes with a teachers manual.)

*Self-Titled by Award-winning HipHop group “7th Generation” (Crazy Cutz Records)

*Transitions by HipHop Artist “Kreepz” (Crazy Cutz Records)

*Violet Femmes Compilation Cd (RPW Records)

With all of this on the go what does Fara have planned for 2009?? How about a Cross-Canada Tour, the recording of her fourth cd, and workshop presenting galore!! This dynamic soul sista intends on creating music for a long time to come and aspires to share the knowledge and experience she has gained, both in life and in the music industry, with individuals who are interested in self-empowerment and a career in music, especially the youth!! To that end, Workshops & Guest speaking provide Fara with the opportunity to teach and to transfer knowledge to interested audiences.



“I was impressed by her ability to relate to teen-aged students on their own terms. She has a lot to share. I believe her thoughtful honest comments will make a real difference for some of these students. She was willing to answer all their questions, and provide an inspiring and solid example of what determination and strong values can lead toward, in one's career and life. Her passion for music, her strong connection with her cultural roots, and her determination to succeed were all very evident, and contagious.” ~ Dan Rubin, First Nations Education Services, School District 52

Be it a 30-thousand plus audience or an intimate gathering, Fara Palmer consistently wins crowds over with her own brand of positivity, humour, spirituality and her unique singing ability. If you’ve heard Fara’s music but haven’t ‘experienced’ her live show, make sure to visit her calender on The Official Fara Palmer Website to learn about upcoming events. And if you’re already a FARA PALMER fan, don’t forget to join her Mailing List by heading over to:

Ms. Palmer is currently accepting bookings for her 2008-2009 calender year. A 2009 “Fara Palmer & the 7th Generation Tour” is underway as well and we are now accepting bookings. The focus is to combine entertainment and knowledge via music performances and workshop presenting. The workshops will focus on a variety of topics such as: music, self-empowerment, addictions, recovery, cultural awareness, to name a few. For all booking interests, recording inquiries, or promo info/pdf files, please contact:

General Manager & Artist: Fara Palmer [Email] The Official Fara Palmer Website:

Fara's Personal Note:

I'd like to say thank you, in advance, for purchasing & for supporting my music! I invite you to leave a comment or cd review at the bottom of this page. You can also email me or visit my Official Website for performance updates and Fan News!

Peace & Unity: FP


2008 Native American Music Awards Best Pop Recording - Phoenix

2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards Nominee Best Female Artist, Best Songwriter, Best Producer/Engineer - Phoenix

2008 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards Nominee Best Producer/Engineer - Phoenix

2008 Western Canadian Music Awards Nominee Outstanding Aboriginal Recording - Phoenix

2008 Indian Summer Music Award Nominee Best Pop Recording - Phoenix

2008 FAITA Award Outstanding Musical Achievement In A Contemporary Field- Phoenix

2008 Juno Award Nominee: Aboriginal Recording Of The Year "PHOENIX"- Phoenix

2008 Saskatchewan First Nations Awards Nominee Arts & Entertainment- Career Achievement Award

2007 APCMA's Nominee: Best Album Cover- Phoenix

2000 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award:
Female Artist of the Year- Prettybrown

2000 Juno Award Nominee:
Best Music of Aboriginal Canada
"PRETTYBROWN"- Prettybrown

1999 West Coast Music Award nominee:
Best House/Dance/Techno Release "ANGEL"- This Is My World

1999 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards:
Female Artist of the Year- This Is My World
Best Song of the Year- This Is My World

1999 First Nations Awards:
Arts & Entertainment category

1998 Juno Award nominee:
Best Music of Aboriginal Canada recording
"WALK AWAY"- This Is My World

1997 John Lennon Worldwide Songwriting Contest:
8th place, R&B category "I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU"- Prettybrown


This Is My World - Blackmoon Records Prettybrown - New Hayden Music Corp. Phoenix - Unsigned and in control. Yeah baby!! Violet Femmes - RPW Records Sing, Move, Read - TRU


The Vancouver Sun 2007:

The 2007 NAAA (National Aboriginal Achievement Awards) was taped March 16 in Edmonton. It will be televised saturday on Global and the APTN specialty channel... "My best memory of that evening was seeing so many people who were friends of mine I hadn't seen in a while," Beach (Adam Beach- Flags of our Fathers actor) said... His favorite part of the show itself was a contemporary interpretative dance performance with Aboriginal singer Fara Palmer. "I thought it was really beautiful," Beach said. "It just showed that we have a lot of artists --actors, singers, dancers, musicians--who have done a lot with their lives. We just need more of our own people to become more involved and say, "Yes, we can accomplish our dreams in these types of occupations."

American Indian Music Review by Robert "Bob" Peaslee IKCE WICASTA -The Common People Journal  Spring 2000

FARA - This beautiful Canadian songbird of Cree ancestry hails from Saskatchewan and now lives in Vancouver. If you haven't heard her name yet, it is only because she is one of Canada's best kept secrets. She is the winner of two awards at the most recent "Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards" held in Toronto in December 1999. Fara won in the Best Song category for her hit "Walk Away" from the CD titled "This Is My World," and was also awarded the Best Female Artist. In 1998, she was nominated for the highly coveted Juno Award, Canada's version of our Grammy's. Fara is also being considered as an opening act for the upcoming second annual Native American Music Festival to be held at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota in May 2000. Fara has come well into her own since singing on the same stage with Buffy St. Marie at the tender age of twelve. I am impressed by her full vocal range and harmonious sound. With a contemporary flair and excellent songwriting ability, Fara has a great future ahead in the music industry. Her music and songs are a blend of light funk, soft rock, and what i believe to be just the right amount of Native theme. Fara gets my very highest recommendation. Simply a MUST HAVE for all who appreciate great music of stardom quality. ***** 5 STARS!!!!

FARA The Chilliwack Progress May 1998

Fara doesn't walk into a room- she makes an entrance. She's late. She rushes into the studio, greeting everyone with a hug and a warm smile, talking a mile a minute. Dressed in a loose fitting cotton dress, her face clean of makeup, Fara's natural beauty is more radiant then even the glamorous black and white photos that complete her promo package. Fara Jaylene Katcheech Palmer is recording her second CD at Beat Productions in Chilliwack - the follow up to This Is My World. The single "Walk Away" from that CD earned Fara a Juno Nomination in the Best Music of Aboriginal Canada category. Another highlight was presenting Shania Twain her Juno. Since only 10 categories of the awards program are televised, it was considered a sign of acceptance into the Canadian music world. Although her Cree ancestry qualified her for the category, her music is not what many Canadians have come to expect from aboriginal artists. Fara's talent allows her the musical freedom to croon slow and sexy in the style of a 40's chantuese, or sing rythym and blues in the genre of Toni Braxton or Whitney Houston. She plays down the fact she sang for Prince Charles at the recent MuchMusic's Stop Racism concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, where she was introduced by Much as "Canada's newest rising star." "I sang for the cause, not the Prince. I couldn't even see him from the stage. I sang for the people," she says matter-of-factly. With an attitude like that it's no surprise when she mentions she's in the middle of a move to Yale, BC. "It's no problem living in Yale, and it's closer for working with Chuck. I'll just continue to work on my music from there. It's peaceful." Chuck Brickley is the song-writer/producer from Hope who is collaborating with her on this second release, along with producer Peter Kigour. Pretty Brown is (a) to be included on the CD. Co-written with Fara and producer Peter Kilgour, they're hoping the message of strength it's meant to bring reaches many children, especially of First Nations. "I never felt good about my heritage until I met my role model. She changed my life. Now I want to be that role model and show children they can be what they want to be," says Fara. Mr. Kilgour, the owner of Beat Productions, says his Chilliwack location hasn't slo...

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