SongBird Album has been released 

It took 3 and a half years to complete and release but SongBird has been officially released. I'd like to thank each and every person who donated either money, time, raffle prizes and support to my many online album fundraisers. Without your support this album would not have been created! 
Check out my new vids on YouTube or here on my site, have a listen to the songs. Please leave a comment if you have one or two faves on the album.

With love,


After a long delay in producer and studio access and a lengthy flu which has still not left my body :(, the album is so close to being ready to release. Just this weekend, the single Reclamation was released to radio and is currently on the Indigenous Music Countdown, Sirius Satellite and other stations across Canada. Call in to your local station to request it or have them contact me to add it to their playlists. I've got a few gigs coming up this month. Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween this year.

One love…

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July News 

Hey everyone, i hope you're enjoying summer!!! I'm almost finished the new album. It took longer to finish than i had expected but i believe it's all on spirit creations timing so i'm cool with it. My studio engineer is on holidays and i was hoping to finish all the mastering and release the album by then but will have to wait to the last week in July to complete that. So i'm now anticipating an AUGUST release.

I'm working on new clothing merch, finishing editing a new music video and going into the…

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Just released my 2nd single!! 

It took me awhile but i finally released the second single off my upcoming album! It's currently my favourite song not playing on any radio stations yet. LOL. I'll get working on that. Seriously though, i began writing NLUA (which stands for Never Liked You Anyway) a long time ago and it stuck with me all these years. I was picked on growing up and was insecure and sensitive. As an adult, i've gained confidence wisdom i only wish i had as a youth. I know words hurt, stereotypes, judgement, criticism and…

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December GoodyBag 

I released the first single off my upcoming album Nov 16th! The single is the title track of my new album called SONGBIRD. Two days ago the Official Music Video was released on YouTube, now to get it to MUCH MUSIC. I've been hustling, music creating, studio recording, doing workshops, and still getting my 5 daughters to and from school and such. I love being a mom.

Currently, i'm working on the marketing info and video for the next single. Going to release a few singles before the full length album is…

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New 50/50 & Mini Prize Fundraising Raffle 

So this will be my 4th and final fundraising raffle for my new album. I ask for your support to make it the best one ever! The album is 75% done but i still need help to complete it. Get your tickets and join me for a fun, interactive raffle experience. AND GOOOOD LUCK!


Hi there, we have a family act called SisterClan that is available for bookings. I'm in the act of creating them a website, so i'll keep you posted as to when its ready. For now, all booking enquiries can be handled through me. Send me an email. Thx 

Art, Music & Fashion Raffle Round 2! 

Well tonight we had the draw! After a very problematic LIVE DRAW EVENT that was filled with technical difficulties, we finally were able to successfully host the draw. 19 prizes were drawn with a whole lot of people winning multiple times! I have to say that i REALLLY love raffles and all the interaction that transpires between myself and the people. Its inspiring and fun! I love both things.

I'd like to thank each and every sacred being who bought tickets and supported the fundraiser. Infinite blessings…

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Sept 2016 

The SongBird album is experiencing a wee lull in the recording department. I'm still fundraising though and awaiting a few cheques in the mail. I've recorded another music video for the album for the song RECLAMATION. You can view the video teaser on my homepage. The Art, Music & Fashion Fundraising Raffle will be drawn in a LIVE YOUTUBE EVENT on SEPT 30th 6PM PST (BC CANADA TIME). There are many great prizes. For more info, visit my Fundraiser page.

I've been busy writing, getting my daughters in back to…

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Free Imagine Download 

For those wishing to download the version of Imagine i recently did for LG104.3's vanCover contest, simply go to my MUSIC page! 



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