Art, Music & Fashion Raffle Round 2!

Well tonight we had the draw! After a very problematic LIVE DRAW EVENT that was filled with technical difficulties, we finally were able to successfully host the draw. 19 prizes were drawn with a whole lot of people winning multiple times! I have to say that i REALLLY love raffles and all the interaction that transpires between myself and the people. Its inspiring and fun! I love both things.

I'd like to thank each and every sacred being who bought tickets and supported the fundraiser. Infinite blessings and gratitude <3

Okee, apart from a 50/50 Raffle, i've got no other raffles or fundraising things going on! OH WAIT, i've got a 3 song cd called RECLAMATION & SONGS available for $10 plus shipping, unless purchased as a digital download, then its $10. I created the EP to earn/create finance to assist in completing the album.

If/when i come up with other ideas, i'll be sure to share! Keep posted and i'll do my best to keep posting deets about this SongBird Album journey! 

In love, light and peace,
Fara Palmer 


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