July News

Hey everyone, i hope you're enjoying summer!!! I'm almost finished the new album. It took longer to finish than i had expected but i believe it's all on spirit creations timing so i'm cool with it. My studio engineer is on holidays and i was hoping to finish all the mastering and release the album by then but will have to wait to the last week in July to complete that. So i'm now anticipating an AUGUST release.

I'm working on new clothing merch, finishing editing a new music video and going into the studio next week to finish the last song!! (Unless i get sneaky and make it a 12 song album instead of a 10 one). I just finished a bunch of gigs and had a great time!

DID I TELL YOU THAT I'VE ADDED LIVE MUSIC TO MY SHOW FORMATS?? I've added an acoustic set and a full band set. I've been performing off backing tracks (like most hip hop and rap artists do) for years now and decided i wanted a change. I'm so stoked. My first shows were awesome! I shared my acoustic act at a recent SOFAR VANCOUVER show with accompaniment by flamenco guitarist Balam Santos and supporting vocals by Gillian Thomson (who is also the lead singer of SisterSays). I was on cloud nine after the show for hours and hours. If you haven't been to a SOFAR show you're really missing out. It's adventure, surprise, mystery, intimate shows and spaces and really provides the best audiences! My full band set rocked hard!! We sang at the Kanata Festival in downtown Vancouver (UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES) and had so much fun. The audience danced along and even followed me in a congo line! lol. THanks to SisterSays band and supporting vocalist Tiffany Moses for backing me up! Great energy and good times.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm getting silk screens made for my new clothing line and can't wait to share that with you all. OH and guess what??? My song SONGBIRD is making money from radio plays!! Isn't that wicked. I almost fell off my chair when i got the news about radio royalties. Then i cried. Then i did a super jiggly happy dance! :) 

Thank you to the Indigenous Music Countdown, Sirius Sattelite Radio and every single station that is bumping my music. 

Fara <3