Just released my 2nd single!!

It took me awhile but i finally released the second single off my upcoming album! It's currently my favourite song not playing on any radio stations yet. LOL. I'll get working on that. Seriously though, i began writing NLUA (which stands for Never Liked You Anyway) a long time ago and it stuck with me all these years. I was picked on growing up and was insecure and sensitive. As an adult, i've gained confidence wisdom i only wish i had as a youth. I know words hurt, stereotypes, judgement, criticism and feeling like you're on your own all hurt and the world would be a better place both if we were each more confident about our selves and also if we stood together to protect, defend and honour one another! 

Anyways, this song is cheeky but its really a way to say that others actions don't have to cut so deep. For me, i thought about how badly i wanted my bullies to like me. Cuz obviously if they liked me, they wouldn't bully me and i'd get to fit in. I never really considered whether i even liked these people. I was just consumed with grief and felt powerless to stop it. I guess it could be considered childish to say that 'I never liked you anyway' but for me its a way of reclaiming my power, my choice, my self respect, and also taking my energy away from those who don't honour it. 

The song is reminds me of what a big kid i still am and just how awesome it is to be silly and to laugh and have fun, especially when its nerdy and people are watching!

The NLUA Lyric Video can be viewed both here on my website and via my YouTube Channel. I'd like you all to do me a solid and head over to my YouTube page and view, like and share NLUA! Pretty Please. (Insert cute cheesegrin).

Okay, i'm working on the third single. Happy February all and if you're in the Vancouver (604) area, then Happy Christmas?? LOL!! ;) 

ONe Love,

PS: If you'd like NLUA played on your local radio station, email me and i'll do my best to get the song to your local station.

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